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XDefiant Bot Lobbies

Do you want to rapidly Unlock Attachments, Level Up Weapons, Camos and Expedite Your Battlepass Progression? Our XDefiant Bot Lobbies are perfect for you!

Disclaimer: With the brand new release of XDefiant, matchmaking is currently quite slow. This will be reflected in the delivery speed of our lobbies, but we’re working on it!

1) How does it work?

  • A Bot Lobby refers refers to a game lobby completely filled with of our own devices, and you.
  • As a result, you’ll be able to join our games full of Bots (Our AFK Players) and easily get 250-300+ kills per game, level up guns, unlock attachments and camos insanely fast!
  • We do not need to access your account for XDefiant Bot Lobbies. We simply require your Ubisoft ID to invite you to our games. Bot Lobbies last around 10-15 minutes. Not to mention, the more XDefiant Bot Lobbies you buy, the greater value you’ll get.

2) Are they Legit?

  • Yep! Our Bot Lobbies are hosted through entirely legitimate public games, which means they’re completely safe and legitimate. Everything you level up and unlock whilst playing our Lobbies will stay! XDefiant Bot Lobbies are the best way to unlock your desired weapons and camos/skins lightning fast.
  • Furthermore, we guarantee that our Lobbies are 100% Safe, Secure & Legitimate!

3) How do I Join?

  1. Shortly after your purchase, we’ll contact you via Email or Discord and add you to a private Discord Support Ticket.
  2. Next, our hosts will invite you to an in-game lobby.
  3. From here, we’ll immediately begin hosting the bot lobbies. Enjoy farming kills and leveling up fast!
  4. Finally, you can use your Lobbies as you please. For example, if you purchased 10x XDefiant Bot Lobbies, you could use 6x one day, then come back and use the other 4x whenever you’d like.

4) What can I do in a Bot Lobby?

In just 1x Bot Lobby, you can easily achieve the following:

  • 100-200+ Kills;
  • Unlock Multiple Weapons;
  • Rapidly Level Up Weapons;
  • Quickly Progress through the Battlepass;
  • Unlock Camos and get overall account and factions progress;
  • Increase your K/D;
  • And More!

Would you like us to take care of the grinding for you? Browse our XDefiant Weapon Leveling Boost, as well as Camo Services and more! 

Additionally, if you’d prefer a separate account with as many Max Level Weapons, Attachments and Camos you’d like, be sure to explore our selection of XDefiant Accounts For Sale!

Lastly, our XDefiant Bot Lobbies work for Playstation (PS5), Xbox  & PC 


We prioritise the fast and smooth delivery of our accounts through our within 24 hour Express Delivery offered on this Package!

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Through our XDefiant Bot Lobbies, you’ll be able to achieve the following extremely easily:

– Get 100-200+ Kills;

– Unlock Weapons & Attachments;

– Rapidly Level Up Weapons;

– Quickly Progress Through The Battlepass;

– Unlock Camos;

– Increase Overall Account and Factions Progress;

– Increase your K/D;

And More!


XDefiant Bot Lobbies

XDefiant Bot Lobbies are entirely custom games filled with our own consoles, acting as ‘Bots’. In these games, you’ll easily be able to farm hundreds of kills, thus expediting your progress significantly. In Bot Lobbies, enjoy rapidly accumulating kills, leveling up guns, unlocking attachments, camos and more! 

Additionally, Bot Lobbies will allow you to make significantly more progress than what you’d usually be able to do in typical games. As a casual player, unlocking the XDefiant Gold Camo can seem nearly impossible. However, with MitchCactus Bot Lobbies, it’ll be a breeze!

XDefiant Boosting Lobbies

XDefiant Boosting Lobbies are games entirely organized and populated with our own devices. We’ll invite you via your Ubisoft ID to join our lobbies, and from there you can enjoy farming up hundreds of kills! Boosting Lobbies are an incredibly fast way to accelerate your progress in unlocking weapons, leveling them up and achieving rare mastery camos. MitchCactus XDefiant Bot Lobbies have the best prices possible with 24/7 uptime, guaranteeing a fast delivery.

How to get XDefiant Bot Lobbies

Getting XDefiant Bot Lobbies is super simple. Here at MitchCactus, you can simply purchase however many you’d like. Whether it is a bundle of 3, 5 or even up to 50, we’ve got you covered. Next, we’ll reach out and organise inviting you to our lobbies, which you can use as you please. Additionally, our setups are entirely optimized with new-gen consoles to minimise loading times and have you grinding out kills as quickly as possible. Check them out today!