XDefiant Camo Boosting - Fast & Safe Delivery

Get XDefiant Camo Boosting to unlock your favourite camoflauges including Bronze, Silver and Gold. We’ll completely take care of the grind for you, including unlocking weapons, leveling them up and more. Buy now!

Gold Camo Boosting

XDefiant Gold Camo Boost
  • Unlock Gold, Silver & Bronze Camos on your chosen number of guns.
  • We’ll boost your Weapons to the MAX Level 100! 
  • Completely Legitimate and Fast Delivery. Additionally, enjoy the profile levels, factions XP and battlepass progress we’ll earn while boosting your account!

Silver Camo Boosting

  • Would you prefer us to just unlock the Silver & Bronze Camos? This package is perfect for you!
  • Enjoy Weapons Boosted to the Level 75! 
  • Safe & Smooth Delivery.

Unlock Bronze Camo

  • Unlock the Bronze Camo in XDefiant on as many weapons as you’d like!
  • Through this XDefiant Camo Boosting pack, we’ll boost your weapons to Level 50. 
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XDefiant Camo Boosting

Buy XDefiant Camos if you’d like to stand out from the rest of your lobbies with a gleaming weapon! Skip the endless grind for kills and XP and let us take care of it for you.

How to unlock Camos in XDefiant normally:

  • To unlock Bronze Camo, you must gain enough XP to progress each weapon to Level 50.
  • To obtain the Silver Camo, you need to get enough XP to get your weapon to Level 75.
  • Unlocking the Gold Camo requires each of your weapons is Level 100!

Here’s all you need to do with our services:

  • Select the number of Weapons you’d like Camos unlocked for and place an order;
  • Sit back and relax while we grind your order! Watch a movie or simply go about your day.
  • Receive an email notification regarding your order completion and enjoy your new camos!

With our XDefiant Camo services, you can unlock everything you’d like as safely and quickly as possible.

XDefiant Camo Boosting FAQ

What's the best camo in XDefiant?

The best Camo in XDefiant is the Gold camoflauge. It's extremely desired due to it's unique and shiny appearance, as well as how difficult it is to unlock. In order to get this coveted camo on just one weapon you need to progress it to Level 100. Good luck!

How to get XDefiant Camos?

The fastest way is to focus on getting XP. Yes, this is very broad, but there are a few ways to do it. These challenges are certainly difficult and time-consuming to complete, but here is a short list:

  • Bronze: Unlock weapon Level 50
  • Silver: Reach weapon Level 75
  • Gold: Obtain weapon Level 100!
  • Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges;
  • Concentrate on one weapon at a time;
  • Score as many kills as you can in matches, by doing so, you'll maximise your weapon XP;
  • Purchase a XDefiant Boost pack from MitchCactus!
What is the max camo in XDefiant?

At the moment the max and most desirable Camo in XDefiant is the 'Gold' camoflauge. However, there is speculation there is a secret camo that you unlock after reaching Gold on EVERY single  weapon. I guess we'll soon see if this is true!

What is XDefiant camo boosting?

A fast, affordable and safe way to unlock any Camos you'd like in XDefiant! This is done by MitchCactus with the help of our professional boosters on Xbox, Playstation & PC for ALL regions. Not to mention, we also offer a 100% Moneyback Guarantee!