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Call of Duty MW3 Nuke Skin Boost

Would you like to unlock the insanely rare Urzikstan and or Rebirth Island Nuke rewards in COD WZ3? With our Call of Duty MW3 Nuke Skin Boost, you’re at the right place!

1) What do I get?

Our Call of Duty MW3 Nuke Skin Boost will grant you the following rewards:

Urzikstan Nuke Rewards:

  • Operator Skin: Meltdown 240
  • Weapons Camo: Nuking Hazard
  • Weapon Charm: Atomic
  • Calling Card: Big Boom
  • Emblem: Dangerous Material
  • Emblem: Number 1
  • Weapon Sticker: Nuke Crew
  • Weapon Sticker: Warning: Nuke
  • Additionally, here is an image that displays all of the MW3 Urzikstan Nuke Boost rewards.

Rebirth Island Nuke Rewards:

  • Operator Skin: Material Handler
  • Weapons Camo: Engine Light
  • Animated Calling Card: Champion Banner
  • Weapon Charm: Master Procrastinator
  • Weapon Sticker: Alpha Particles

2) How does the MW3 Nuke Skin Boost work?

  • We offer two options of delivery:
  1. We can log into an account of your choice and obtain the WZ3 Nuke Rewards for you (Fastest Option).
  2. Alternatively, we can invite you to a Warzone Lobby and you can play with us to complete the Champions Quest.
  • Both options are 100% safe and legitimate!
  • We pride ourselves on our lightning-fast delivery. Contracts are prepared and ready to complete the delivery ASAP.
  • Upon completing your purchase, you’ll instantly receive a straightforward tutorial detailing the steps required for us to start.
  • For any questions or assistance you may need during the process, our dedicated 24/7 Support team is readily available in our Discord Server, always eager to help.

3) How long does it take?

  • The completion of the Nuke Skin Boost will typically take 1-4 days. By selecting our ‘Prioritised Delivery’ option, you’re guaranteed to be placed at the top of the queue.
  • With the brand new release and high-demand of this service, delays can occur. Rest assured that we’ll be working tirelessly to ensure you receive your Nuke Skin ASAP!

4) Is The Call of Duty MW3 Nuke Skin Boost legit?

  • Our Nuke Skin Boost is a completely legitimate service. We simply play with you to unlock it, or unlock it for you. No software/cheats/hacks are used. Therefore, there is 0 risk of a ban or suspension as a result of this service.

Our COD WZ3 Nuke Skin Boost works for PS4, PS5, Xbox, Warzone Mobile & PC (Steam /

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Call of Duty MW3 Nuke Skin Boost

The Meltdown 240 Nuke Operator Skin in COD MW3/Warzone 3 is the most prestigious skin in the game. It symbolizes the remarkable achievement of conquering the Champions Quest, a feat that only a handful of players can claim to have accomplished. This skin is effectively reserved for elite players, given the tedious and difficult nature of the Nuke Skin Challenges.

However, there’s no need for the endless grind to attempt to secure the prized MW3 Nuke Skin anymore. With MitchCactus, we take care of it for you! The process is straightforward – we can either log into your account or you can join our lobby. With this package, the Nuke Skin will be yours in no time!

How to get Call of Duty MW3 Nuke Skin

Obtaining a nuke in Warzone 3 requires squads to first complete the Champion’s Quest contract. This contract is obtained by winning five consecutive matches or a cumulative total of 30 matches. Read our summarised steps on how to do it below.

Call of Duty MW3 Urzikstan Nuke Challenge Steps:

  1. Firstly, win 5x consecutive matches or 30 total matches in Warzone 3 to obtain the Champion’s Quest contract.
  2. As soon as the Champion’s Quest contract appears in-game, one player from the squad must initiate the contract by picking it up. The contract can be recognized on your map as the yellow crown with letters ‘WZ’ in the middle.
  3. Upon initiating the contract, you have 20 minutes to complete the Champion’s Quest.
  4. Locate three different elements, Beryllium, Plutonium, and Tritium. In order to do so, players must obtain a Geiger counter, which is marked on the map as a yellow phone icon with wings.
  5. Next, enter the marked area (shown as a green circle on the map). Within this highlighted area, players have to find the radioactive cache. By using the Geiger counter as a compass, you’ll be alerted as you get close to the cache when the radiation level increases.
  6. The radioactive cache contains the first element. Additionally, locate and drill open the nuclear safe, which contains the second element.
  7. Finally, the third element is obtained by shooting down the nuclear chopper.
  8. By collecting all three elements, the squad must wait as the bomb site descends from the sky.
  9. Next, assemble the Nuke using the three elements.
  10. Defend the Nuke for two minutes. If successfully defended, the match will end, thus completing the Champion’s Quest contract.
  11. Success!

The completion of the Quest is extremely difficult, impossible for most. Do you want this all done for you? Here at MitchCactus, we can help!

COD MW3 Nuke Skin

With the release of Season 2, the Nuke Operator Skin has been revealed as the ‘Meltdown 240’. It is an understatement that this Skin stands out! Not only does it symbolise the completion of the most difficult challenge in Call of Duty, but it also looks insanely cool!

Only a small number of players have been able to successfully obtain it so far, which is what makes this service so valuable.

If you’d like to unlock the MW3 Nuke Skin without the never-ending grind, you’re at the right place! Here at MitchCactus, we’ll provide you our Call of Duty MW3 Nuke Skin Boost extremely quickly and 100% legitimately. Stand out from other players with your brand new MW3 Nuke Skin. Buy now!