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Call of Duty MW3 Orion Camo Unlock Service – HARD Unlocks 

Want to Unlock Call of Duty MW3 Orion and other Mastery Camos extremely quickly and 100% legitimately? This package is the perfect way to do so!

1) What do you get?

  • Max Levels, GoldPlatinumPolyatomic, and Orion Camos Unlocked for as many weapons as you’d like including ARs, SMGs, Marksmen Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Battle Rifles, Melee, Pistols, Shotguns and LMGs.
  • 100s of Rank Levels in the process of us unlocking camos for you!

Through our dynamic sliders, you can max out and unlock mastery camos for as many weapons as you’d like, and can also apply your current progress to achieve a discount! 

2) How does the MW3 Orion Camo slider work?

  • Simply choose however many guns you’d like maxed, or what mastery camo(s) you’d like unlocked using our slider. The interface is designed to allow you to select the camos you’d like in accordance with the game logic. For example, you can’t choose to unlock 20 weapons Polyatomic without already having, or choosing to purchase atleast 51 guns Platinum. Furthermore, you can’t choose to unlock 51 guns Platinum if you don’t already have atleast 51 weapons Gold and Max Levels.
  • Already have progress on some weapons being max level or having camo(s) unlocked? Scroll the left slider on each row to show for this, and you’ll earn a discount!
  • Have questions or need assistance? Feel free to join our Discord Server.

3) How does the MW3 Orion Camo Service work?

  • We complete this service by logging into an account of your choice. The process is very seamless, we’ll request your log-in details (Email + Password). If you’re not already on Xbox, we’ll usually request you to create an account and link it to your Activision. This ensures we’re able to log in smoothly and take care of your order ASAP! Upon ordering, you’ll receive an easy-to-follow tutorial on what we’ll need, and we’re always here to help!
  • Our 5000+ Trustpilot reviews showcase our authenticity throughout this process. However, if you are not comfortable with us logging onto your account, we completely understand and offer COD MW3 Bot Lobbies, which you can use to grind out Camos and Unlocks without any log-in needed! 

Please Note: We recommend that you occasionally check your Spam/Junk folder(s), as sometimes our emails are automatically directed there.

4) How long does it take?

  • The time for delivery completely depends on the size of your order. For smaller orders (such as a handful of guns maxed/camos unlocked) it can be completed in just a few hours (Slower at the moment with it being very busy). However, for larger orders with dozens of weapons maxed & camos unlocked, it can take 2-5 days (very busy due to the recent game release).
  • You can rest assured that with our Express Delivery option, regardless of the size of your order, you’ll be prioritised at the top of our queue. The faster we’re able to receive your correct log-in details, the faster we’ll be able to finish your order.

5) Is this legit?

  • Yes! Our Call of Duty MW3 Orion service is completed through hard-unlocks. This means that the service is done 100% legitimately through normal in-game play, no cheats/hacks/software is used. The Camos/Max Levels we unlock on your account are completely safe, and will never go away.
  • We take pride in being the most trusted sellers for Call of Duty services. We’ve been #1 in the space for quite some time, with over 10,000 Trustpilot reviews.
  • Additionally, our extensive team of experts are renowned for fast delivery, great customer service and high quality Call of Duty MW3 Orion Camo services and more!

6) Can I have the Call of Duty MW3 Orion Camos on a separate account?

Yes! If you’d rather have a separate account with all of your desired Camos, be sure to check out our Call of Duty MW3 Accounts For Sale!

Additionally, do you want your account boosted with other Mastery Camos? Check out our MW3 Interstellar, Borealis and Bioluminescent Camo Unlock Packages!

Would you like a much cheaper way of getting the new MW3 Camos? Explore our Soft Unlock Camo Service, in which we add your choice of Camos in the form of Blueprints!

Our COD MW3 Orion Camo Unlock Service Works for PS4, PS5, Xbox One/One S, Xbox Series X/S, Warzone Mobile & PC!


We prioritise the fast and smooth delivery of our accounts through the Express Delivery offered on this Package!

Our 10,000+ Verified Trustpilot reviews reflect the exceptionally regarded service that we offer. All payments are safely encrypted through our highly esteemed payment processor.

Across all of our packages we provide the best contents and value.

Through our Camo Unlock Service, you won’t have to worry about relentlessly grinding for months just to unlock a few Camos, we can do it for you almost instantaneously!

How to get Orion Camo Modern Warfare 3?

The MW3 Orion Camo is a reward for unlocking the Polyatomic Camo across atleast 51 weapons in-game. The Orion Camo was initially introduced in COD MW2 and exclusively incorporated into MW3 for MW2 weapons. Once you accomplish the prerequisite of owning 51 Polyatomic guns, these weapons will automatically receive the Orion camo. 

Achieve the true potential of your Call of Duty MW3 experience through our Orion Boosting Services. Our COD MW3 Orion Camo service will get you everything you need to enjoy the game to the max. Of course, don’t hesitate to contact us through our Discord Server if you have any queries about our services.

What does Orion camo do in Modern Warfare 3?

The Orion Camo in MW3 is purely cosmetic, and doesn’t bring any competitive advantage. Nevertheless, other players perceive it as a trophy or a way to flex that you managed to grind through all the notoriously difficult challenges. In summary, with the MW3 Orion Camo you’ll certainly stand out in lobbies!

What is the hardest camo to get in Cod?

The hardest camo to get in Call of Duty MW3 is arguably the Orion Camo. The Orion Camo, the top-tier Mastery Camo in MW2, has been transferred into MW3 for MW2 guns, in addition to all other new camos. Additionally, it is extremely difficult to obtain it on Melee weapons, as the challenges required are seemingly never-ending.

Can you get Call of Duty MW2 camos on MW3 weapons?

Confirmation has been established that while you can apply every COD MW2 base camo to any weapon in MW3, and vice versa, this rule does not extend to Completionist ‘Mastery’ Camos. This means that you can’t apply COD MW2 Completionist or ‘Mastery Camos’ such as Gold/Platinum/Polyatomic/Orion to MW3 weapons.