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XDefiant Accounts For Sale

We offer XDefiant Accounts for all platforms in the form of a Ubisoft account you can seamlessly access and link to your platform of choice.

1) What do you get?

We offer multiple options of XDefiant Accounts. Each of our account ‘Tiers’ come with different configurations of Weapons/Attachments Unlocked & Leveled, Camos, Skins and more! Feel free to swipe through our different accounts for sale in the slideshow images above.

  • Bronze Starter Pack: 1x Bronze Camo Meta Weapon, Level 15-30 AccountFaction ~250K/750K XP Progress, All Attachments on 1x Bronze Weapon, Gorgon Unlocked and ~15 Total Weapons Unlocked.
      • The Meta Weapon: M4A1 or ACR 6.8
  • Bronze META Pack: 5x Bronze Camo Meta WeaponsLevel 30 AccountFaction 500K/750K XP ProgressAll Attachments on 5x Bronze WeaponsGorgon Unlocked and ~20 Total Weapons Unlocked.
      • 5x Meta Weapons: AK47, ACR 6.8, TAC-50, M1911 & MP7.
  • Gold META Pack: 5x Gold Camo Meta Weapons (Lvl100), Level 30-50+ Account, DedSec Faction 600K+/750K XP Progress, ALL Attachments Unlocked on 5x Meta WeaponsBattlepass Progression (~15/50), ~20 Total Weapons Unlocked & MORE!
      • 5x Meta Weapons: AK47, ACR 6.8, TAC-50, M1911 & MP7.
  • TOP TIER Pack:  24/24 Weapons Gold, 24/24 Weapons Max Lvl100, Level 140+ Account, DedSec Faction 750K/750K XP Progress, EVERY Attachment Unlocked, 100% Battlepass Progression & MORE!

With the new release of the game, more accounts are coming soon. Stay tuned!

2) How do I receive my XDefiant Account?

  • After purchasing you’ll receive the login details to your account via email. With our ‘Instant Delivery’ option your account is sent to you immediately.
  • Our XDefiant Accounts For Sale are sent to you in the form of a Ubisoft log-in which can be linked to any platform(s) of your choice. Furthermore, after purchasing you’ll receive an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to log into the account/link it to platforms. Not to mention, our 24/7 Support are always happy to help in our Discord Server.
  • Additionally, for our Express/Standard delivery options, your account will be sent to you in accordance with the respective delivery timeframes (24-72hrs for example).

3) How does it work?

  • After purchasing you can simply access the account with the login details we send you. Next, load up the game, and you’ll see all of your contents!
  • Furthermore, the account can be logged into in addition to any other account(s) you currently have.

4) Are XDefiant Accounts Safe?

  • Our XDefiant Accounts For Sale are 100% Safe, Secure & Full Access. As soon as you receive the account, it is completely yours.
  • Once you purchase, you’re free to change any credentials on the account. Our accounts have full-access and can be used like any other.

Additionally, are you looking for an existing account of yours to be boosted? Check out our XDefiant Weapon Leveling Boost, Gold Camo Boost Pack or even our Bot Lobbies! 


We prioritise the fast and smooth delivery of our accounts through our INSTANT Delivery option available on this package!

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XDefiant Accounts For Sale

XDefiant Accounts For Sale allow you to enjoy the brand new cross-platform first person shooter. Whether you’re looking for a cheap option, or you’re after one that is fully kitted-out, MitchCactus has you covered! We offer many different options of accounts all of which are entirely safe, secure, trusted, and delivered to you instantly.

Where to buy a XDefiant Account?

If you’re looking for the best place to buy an XDefiant account, you’re at the right place with MitchCactus! You can find anything from starter accounts to fully stacked accounts with dozens of max level weapons, gold mastery camos and more! Simply browse through our account offerings and purchase whichever one that catches your eye.

Buy XDefiant Account

Buying XDefiant Accounts with MitchCactus is easy, fast and entirely secure. We offer plenty of different accounts for sale, all of which are full-access and with the best possible value on the market. Furthermore, there are plenty of unique features our accounts provide, such as a high k/d, max level weapons, or rare camos.

How to buy XDefiant Accounts

Looking to buy XDefiant Accounts? Here’s a quick guide on how to get started:

  1. Firstly, browse through the listed accounts and select the one you like the most
  2. Choose your delivery option, we’d recommend ‘Instant’
  3. Next, click ‘Add To Cart’ and make a payment with your method of choice
  4. Once the payment has gone through, you’ll receive an email instantaneously with your brand new account
  5. Finally, with the login details provided, you can log in, link it to your platform of choice and load up the game. Enjoy!