Buy Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – Raid Rewards Unlock Service

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Call of Duty MW2 Raid Rewards Unlock Service

Unlocking all of the highly-sought-after rewards can be extremely difficult and time-consuming, especially those that require completion in ‘Veteran’ difficulty. This is where we can help! With our Call of Duty MW2 Raid Service, we can unlock them all for you, all 100% legitimately and as ‘Hard Unlocks’. Overall, the process is very similar to our COD MW2 Nuke Service.

Disclaimer: We can only complete this service on the guns that you already have Max Level. If you don’t have many guns Max Level, we can max all of your guns for $175 USD, please join our Discord Server to inquire about this.

1) What do I get?

From Our Call of Duty MW2 Raid Service, You’ll Receive the following rewards:

  • Galvanic or Ether Wave Camo for All Weapons
  • Galvanic or Ether Wave Camo Challenges
  • Raid 4 Projectile Camo
  • Raid 3/4 Veteran Completion
  • Alex Keller Operator

Other Random Drops including:

  • Raid Season 4 Emblem, Calling Card, Loading Screen and Weapon Charm

2) How does the MW2 Raid Service work?

  • We’ll log into an account of your choice, and take care of the rest. For this process, we require your login information (email & password) for your respective platform. Furthermore, the process is 100% Legitimate & Safe!
  • We’re trusted for our legitimacy throughout this process, as reflected through our 10,000+ Trustpilot reviews.
  • We’ll alert you via email if we require any information from you, as well as when we’ve started and completed your order.

3) Is The Call of Duty MW2 Raid Service legit?

  • Furthermore, our Raid Rewards Unlock is an entirely legitimate service.
  • There is 0 risk of any sort of ban or suspension as a result of this service. Additionally, the items are achieved through entirely legitimate means, no cheats/hacks are used on your account.

Nevertheless, our Call of Duty MW2 Raid Service works for PS4, PS5, Xbox One/One S, Xbox Series X/S & PC (Steam / Additionally, if you’re looking for a Package where we unlock Mastery Camos for you (Orion etc), check out our Call of Duty MW2 Orion Camo Unlock Packs!


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For 99.9% of players, obtaining all of the most desirable Raid Rewards is impossible, such as the highly-esteemed Galvanic Camo. With our Call of Duty MW2 Raid Service, you simply need to join our Lobby and we’ll unlock it for you almost instantaneously!