XDefiant Boosting Services

Buy XDefiant Boosting services to rapidly level up and unlock camos on your desired weapons. We’ll help you unlock as many weapons as you’d like and level them up to the max with our boosting offers. Unlock Attachments and the Gold Camo on every weapon, or simply boost up your level and overall battlepass progress. Save a huge amount of time on the grind with our XDefiant boosting services!

XDefiant Gold Camo Boosting

XDefiant Gold Camo Boost
  • Tired of the endless Camo grind in XDefiant? Our XDefiant Gold Camo Boost is perfect for you!
  • Bronze, Silver & Gold Camos on as many weapons as you’d like
  • Weapons Boosted to Max Level (Lvl100)
  • 100% Legitimate & Safe Delivery!

XDefiant Accounts For Sale

  • Are you looking for a separate Account For Sale featuring dozens of max level weapons, exclusive mastery camos and more? 
  • INSTANT Delivery – As soon as you purchase, you’ll receive your brand new Account immediately.
  • Explore our range of accounts and buy now, as stock is very limited!

XDefiant Weapon Leveling Boost

  • Through our Weapon Leveling Boost we’ll unlock and max out as many weapons as you’d like!
  • Additionally, during this process, we’ll unlock every single attachment.
  • Enjoy a fast and completely safe delivery!

XDefiant Bot Lobbies

  • Rapidly Level Up Weapons, Unlock Attachments & Camos, Boost up your K/D and more through our Bot Lobbies!
  • Bot Lobbies refer to an entire matchmaking lobby full of our own AFK accounts. We’ll invite you and from there, start grinding!
  • Easily obtain 150-200+ kills per lobby, level up quickly, all entirely legitimately!

XDefiant Services

What Boosts do we provide?

If you need any help with progressing in-game, whether that is through unlocking guns, leveling up and unlocking attachments, you’re in the right place. Our offers includes:

  • Unlocking Weapons and Attachments;
  • Obtaining Mastery Camos
  • Accounts for Sale;
  • Bot Lobbies;
  • In-game achievements and battlepass completion;
  • And more!

Why Choose MitchCactus for XDefiant Boost?

Our key principles:

  • Direct Communication: At MitchCactus, you’re directly connected with your booster, as well as our staff. This transparency is what allows us to offer the most competitive prices and overall service quality.
  • Fast Delivery: Time is precious, we understand and respect this. We’re always improving and enhancing MitchCactus’s support infrastructure and user experience, leading to the swift and efficient delivery of your order.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Have any queries or concerns along the way? Simply reach out to our friendly support team who’ll happily assist 🙂
  • 100% Moneyback Guarantee: At MitchCactus it is simple, you either get what you paid for, or your money back.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Quality boosts and products stem from passion and detail-oriented care. We prioritize the feedback of our customers and genuinely embrace feedback and constructive criticism.

XDefiant Boosting FAQ

Is it possible to boost in XDefiant?

Most definitely. With our XDefiant Boosting Services you can level up weapons, get attachments and unlock camos extremely quickly. Save your time and unlock anything you'd like with our boosts.

What is boosting in XDefiant?

We provide XDefiant Boosting and carry services. This refers to Boosting your Weapon Levels, Unlocking Camos and getting you access to anything you'd like! If you don't have spare time to relentlessly grind, get XDefiant boosting and let us take care of it for you.

Can you get banned for boosting in XDefiant?

Of course not. We provide the safest XDefiant Boosting and carry services on the market, as we only work with entirely trusted boosters. Our professional players take extensive care to ensure everything goes smoothly, and stay away form any restricted software during XDefiant carries.

Can you buy XDefiant Boosting?

Of course, at MitchCactus you can buy virtually any kind of XDefiant Boosting or carry you'd like. Whether it is Weapon Leveling, Bot Lobbies or even Accounts, we have you covered. Not to mention, we guarantee the completion of the desired service as quickly and as smoothly as possible.