XDefiant Camos: Unlock Them Fast!3 min read

Unlock Mastery Camos in XDefiant

Article Summary

  • Unlocking XDefiant Camos requires mastering weapon challenges.
  • Different camo tiers include Standard, Spray, and Mastery Camos.
  • Complete specific challenges for each camo tier.
  • Use efficient methods and strategies to speed up the unlocking process.
  • Purchase Mastery Camos from a trusted platform for quick access.

XDefiant Camos

In XDefiant, weapon camos are a key aspect of customization, allowing players to show off their prowess and dedication. 

This guide will help you unlock XDefiant camos swiftly and efficiently, covering every essential detail from challenge requirements to the fastest methods.

Types of Camos in XDefiant

Standard Camos

These are the basic camos that can be unlocked by completing general weapon challenges.

Spray Camos

These require more specific tasks and showcase more advanced patterns.

Mastery Camos

The pinnacle of weapon camos, requiring significant dedication and skill to unlock.

How to Unlock XDefiant Camos

Unlocking camos in XDefiant involves completing a series of weapon-specific challenges. 

Here’s a breakdown:

Standard Camos

  • Basic Challenges: Perform a set number of kills with a weapon.
  • Objective-based Tasks: Capture points, assist teammates, or defend zones with the weapon.

Spray Camos

  • Advanced Challenges: Achieve headshots, multi-kills, or long-range kills.
  • Special Actions: Perform specific actions like getting kills while sliding or in mid-air.

Mastery Camos

  • Mastery Challenges: Combine multiple advanced challenges, such as getting a high number of kills without dying or using specific attachments.
  • Completion Requirements: Complete all prior camo challenges for the weapon.

Efficient Methods to Unlock Camos Fast

To unlock XDefiant camos quickly, follow these expert tips:

Focus on One Weapon at a Time

Concentrate on mastering one weapon before moving to the next. This helps build muscle memory and understanding of the weapon’s mechanics, speeding up the process.

Play Objective-Based Modes

Objective modes like Domination or Control often provide more opportunities for kills and specific actions needed for camo challenges.

Use Double XP Events

Take advantage of double XP events to accelerate progress. These events help you complete challenges faster by earning more experience in less time.

Get Help From Friends

Playing with a coordinated team can make completing challenges easier, as you can work together to create favorable conditions for specific tasks.

Best Way to Obtain Mastery Camos

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How do I unlock weapon mastery camos in XDefiant?

To unlock weapon mastery camos, complete all standard and spray camo challenges for the weapon. Each mastery camo requires specific high-level challenges to be completed, showcasing your expertise with the weapon.

What are the fastest ways to complete camo challenges?

Focus on one weapon, play objective-based modes, and utilize double XP events. Teaming up with friends can also help streamline the process by creating favorable conditions for completing specific challenges.

Can I buy mastery camos in XDefiant?

Yes, you can purchase Mastery Camos from MitchCactus. This option provides a quick way to access high-level camos without the extensive grind.

What are some examples of mastery challenges in XDefiant?

Mastery challenges can include tasks like achieving a certain number of kills without dying, getting headshots, or performing kills with specific attachments. These challenges require a high level of skill and dedication.

Are there any events that can help speed up camo unlocking?

Yes, participating in double XP events can significantly speed up the camo unlocking process. These events allow you to gain more experience and complete challenges faster.


Unlocking XDefiant camos is a rewarding process that highlights your dedication and skill in the game. By following the methods outlined above, you can achieve this efficiently and enjoy the prestige that comes with using the best weapon camos available.