How To Get Bot Lobbies in XDefiant?3 min read

Get Bot Lobbies in XDefiant

Article Summary

  • Learn how to get XDefiant Bot Lobbies.
  • Discover the best methods to quickly level up and unlock items.
  • Understand the technical aspects of bot lobbies.
  • Get insights on the legitimacy and safety of bot lobbies.
  • FAQs to clarify common questions about XDefiant Bot Lobbies.

Getting into bot lobbies in XDefiant can be a game-changer for players looking to level up fast, unlock attachments, and maximize their gameplay experience. 

This guide will walk you through the best methods to get into bot lobbies. We try to make sure that you can take full advantage of these opportunities.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

What Are XDefiant Bot Lobbies?

A bot lobby in XDefiant refers to a game session filled with bots, which are controlled by the game or other devices, rather than human players. This setup allows you to easily rack up kills, level up your weapons, and unlock camos and other in-game items quickly.

Why Use Bot Lobbies?

  • Bot lobbies allow you to accumulate kills and experience points quickly, speeding up your progression.
  • With higher kill counts and experience, you can unlock weapon attachments and camouflages much faster.
  • Complete battlepass challenges efficiently by farming in bot lobbies.
  • Improve your kill/death ratio by playing against less challenging opponents.

How To Access Bot Lobbies

Method 1: Using External Services

The best way to get bot lobbies and rank up fast and get high kills is to use a trusted platform like MitchCactus. This service allows you to buy access to bot lobbies, ensuring a seamless and efficient way to improve your in-game stats.


  1. Purchase Bot Lobbies: Visit MitchCactus and choose the bot lobby package that suits your needs.
  2. Provide Ubisoft ID: After purchasing, provide your Ubisoft ID to receive an invitation.
  3. Join the Lobby: Once invited, join the game lobby filled with bots.
  4. Play and Farm: Enjoy farming kills, leveling up weapons, and unlocking items.

Method 2: In-Game Matchmaking Exploits

Some players use matchmaking exploits to get into bot lobbies, though these methods can be less reliable and sometimes risky. This typically involves manipulating the matchmaking system to place you in easier lobbies.


  1. Time Manipulation: Play during off-peak hours when fewer players are online.
  2. Use a New Account: New accounts are often placed in easier lobbies initially.
  3. Team Up with Lower-Ranked Friends: Playing with lower-ranked friends can sometimes place you in easier matches.

Safety Concerns

Using bot lobbies through services like MitchCactus is legitimate and safe. These lobbies are hosted in public games, ensuring all progress and unlocks are retained. The services are designed to comply with the game’s terms of service, minimizing the risk of bans or penalties.

Benefits of Bot Lobbies

  • High Kill Counts: Achieve 250-300+ kills per game.
  • Weapon Leveling: Rapidly level up and unlock attachments.
  • Battlepass Completion: Progress through battlepass tiers quickly.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: Improve overall gameplay stats and experience.

FAQ Section

What are XDefiant Bot Lobbies?

XDefiant Bot Lobbies are game sessions filled with bots, allowing players to easily farm kills, level up, and unlock in-game items.

Are XDefiant Bot Lobbies Safe?

Yes, services like MitchCactus provide legitimate and safe bot lobbies, hosted in public games to ensure all progress is retained.

How Can I Join an XDefiant Bot Lobby?

Purchase access through trusted platforms like MitchCactus, provide your Ubisoft ID, and join the invited game sessions.

What Can I Achieve in a Bot Lobby?

In a single bot lobby, you can achieve 100-200+ kills, unlock multiple weapons, rapidly level up, and make significant progress in the battle pass.

Do I Need to Share My Account Details?

No, you only need to provide your Ubisoft ID to be invited to the bot lobbies. Your account remains secure.


Using bot lobbies in XDefiant is an excellent strategy to quickly enhance your gameplay, level up, and unlock various in-game items. By following the methods outlined above, especially leveraging trusted services like MitchCactus, you can ensure a smooth and efficient experience.