How To Get Titanium Prisma Camo In XDefiant?3 min read

Titanium Prisma

XDefiant’s Mastery Camos

XDefiant features a series of mastery camos that players can unlock by leveling up their weapons. Each camo represents a milestone in the player’s journey, showcasing their progress and skill. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the different mastery camos available in XDefiant:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Titanium Violet
  5. Titanium Azure
  6. Titanium Prisma

The Journey to Titanium Prisma

The Titanium Prisma camo is the ultimate reward in XDefiant’s mastery system. To unlock this camo, players must reach Weapon Level 400 with their selected gun. This journey requires significant dedication and strategic gameplay.

Steps to Unlock Titanium Prisma Camo

  1. Weapon Level Progression

Players need to gain experience points (XP) with their chosen weapon to level it up. Each kill grants 100 XP, and every level requires 3,500 XP.

  1. XP Boosters

Utilizing XP boosters is crucial for speeding up the leveling process. These can be activated to double the XP gained per kill.

  1. Double XP Events

Participating in double XP weekends and special events can significantly reduce the time needed to reach Level 400.

  1. Consistent Gameplay

Regularly playing matches and focusing on a single weapon makes sure of the steady progress towards unlocking the Titanium Prisma camo.

Comparison of Mastery Camos

To provide a clearer understanding, here’s a comparison table of all mastery camos in XDefiant:

CamoWeapon Level RequiredDescriptionImage
Bronze100Basic camo with a bronze finish.
Silver150Shiny chrome pattern, more distinguished than Bronze.
Gold200Luxurious gold finish, signifying advanced skill.
Titanium Violet300Purple hue with metallic sheen, requiring a significant grind.
Titanium Azure350Blue metallic camo, a step closer to the ultimate prize.
Titanium Prisma400Multicolored prism effect, representing the peak of mastery.

What Does XDefiant Community Say

To get the most accurate and effective strategies, I delved into several forums and YouTube videos. Here are some insider tips and data shared by seasoned players:

  1. Use weapons that complement your playstyle. Popular choices for fast leveling include the M4A1 and AK-47 due to their versatility and high kill potential.
  2. Familiarize yourself with maps to maximize kill opportunities. Positioning and knowing high-traffic areas can significantly boost your XP gains.
  3. Coordinate with teammates to control objectives and create kill zones, enhancing your overall performance and XP gain.
  4. Dedicate specific play sessions focused solely on leveling your weapon. Avoid distractions and stick to the plan to make sure of consistent progress.

Having played XDefiant extensively, players can attest to the grind required to unlock the Titanium Prisma camo. The journey is arduous but rewarding, transforming your weapon into a symbol of your dedication. Engaging with the community through forums and watching gameplay videos can provide valuable strategies and moral support.

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