How To Get Titanium Violet Camo In XDefiant?3 min read

Mastery Level Camo Titanium Violet

XDefiant, Ubisoft’s fast-paced FPS, features a range of weapon camos, including the coveted Titanium Violet camo. 

This guide will walk you through how to unlock this specific camo and what makes it a must-have for players.

Titanium Violet Camo In XDefiant

The Titanium Violet camo is part of XDefiant’s Mastery Camos, which lets players showcase their proficiency with specific weapons. It’s known for its sleek, metallic violet finish, making it a standout among other camos. Unlike standard camos, Mastery Camos are earned by dedicating significant playtime and skill to a single weapon.

Titanium Violet Camo XDefiant

How To Unlock Titanium Violet Camo?

To unlock the Titanium Violet camo in XDefiant, reach Weapon Level 300. This is a significant grind, requiring consistent performance and a strategic approach to maximize XP gains.

Steps to Unlock Titanium Violet Camo

  1. Select Your Weapon

Choose the weapon you want to earn the Titanium Violet camo for. Commit to using this weapon primarily.

  1. Earn Weapon XP

You earn 100 XP for each kill with your selected weapon. Each weapon level requires 3,500 XP. Therefore, reaching Weapon Level 300 requires a total of 1,050,000 XP.

  1. Use XP Boosters

Activating XP Boosters can significantly speed up the leveling process. These boosters increase the XP you earn per kill, making the grind more manageable. Moreover, you can earn XP quickly in XDefiant by playing in bot lobbies, where you can easily obtain 150-200+ kills per match. MitchCactus provides this service, allowing you to level up and unlock the Titanium Violet camo efficiently. Their services include unlocking weapons, attachments, mastery camos, and more, with direct communication, fast delivery, 24/7 support, and a 100% money-back guarantee.

  1. Participate in Double XP Events

Keep an eye out for double XP weekends and events. These are perfect opportunities to rack up XP quickly.

  1. Focus on High-XP Modes

Engage in game modes that reward more XP per match. Modes with higher player counts and longer durations tend to offer more opportunities for kills and XP.

Community Strategies for Fast XP Gains

  • Focus on high-kill strategies. Prioritize modes like Domination or Team Deathmatch where you can consistently engage with enemies.
  • Play with a squad to increase your chances of survival and more consistent kills. Team communication and strategy can lead to more effective gameplay.
  • While kills are crucial, playing the objective can also yield significant XP. Balancing kills and objectives can optimize your XP gains.

The Titanium Violet camo is a symbol of dedication and skill in XDefiant. It’s not just about the aesthetics but also what it represents. Reaching Weapon Level 300 is no small feat, and displaying the Titanium Violet camo is a way to show off your prowess and commitment to the game. This camo stands out due to its unique color and metallic sheen, making it a favorite among players who want to showcase their achievements.

Comparison to Other Mastery Camos

Other Mastery Camos in XDefiant include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Titanium Azure, and Titanium Prisma. 

Each tier requires progressively more XP:

  • Bronze: Reach Weapon Level 100.
  • Silver: Reach Weapon Level 150.
  • Gold: Reach Weapon Level 200.
  • Titanium Azure: Reach Weapon Level 350.
  • Titanium Prisma: Reach Weapon Level 400.

Titanium Violet sits between Gold and Titanium Azure, requiring a significant jump in levels and effort from Gold but less intense than Titanium Prisma.

Getting the Titanium Violet camo in XDefiant is a testament to a player’s dedication and skill with a particular weapon. By focusing on efficient XP gains, using boosters, and participating in high-reward modes, players can achieve this prestigious camo. Earning the Titanium Violet camo is a rewarding journey in XDefiant if you are looking for some challenging sessions in the game.