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How to Instantly Unlock MW3 Monster Operator Skin2 min read

Modern Warfare 3 has released an exclusive Monster themed operator skin which can be instantly unlocked. The MW3 Monster operator outfit known as ‘Clutch’ was added in during Season 2 but only for a limited time promotion. Fans of the MWIII Monster collaboration can instantly purchase the skin here.

Call of Duty MW3 Monster Skin

MW3 X Monster Promotion

During the launch window of Modern Warfare III, Monster ran a promotion which was similar to previous Call of Duty collaborations with the energy drink. Fans needed to upload receipt proof that they purchased a Monster product, regardless if it had MW3 branding, to unlock various cosmetics such as:

  • The Beast Operator Skin
  • Zero Chill Operator Skin
  • Beast Up Operator Skin
  • Mark of The Beast Weapon Decal
  • Inner Beast Weapon Blueprint
  • Several 2XP Tokens
How to get the Monster Skin in COD MW3

INSTANTLY Unlock Clutch Operator Skin

Surprisingly during Season 2, Monster announced yet another promotion with Modern Warfare 3, separate from the launch drops. Players needed to redeem a code to unlock the ‘Clutch’ Monster skin for BBQ, which has since expired. Thankfully, MitchCactus has you covered with an instant unlock option, unlock the Monster Energy Skin here.

COD MW3 The Beast Monster Skin