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How to Log into your COD Account

How to Log into your COD Account

How to Log into your COD Account –

Hello! You are seeing this page as you’ve just purchased a Call of Duty MW2/Warzone 2 account from us, here is how you can log-in to the account.

Our accounts are made as either Xbox/ accounts, even if you are not playing on these platforms, you can very easily link it to another account of yours, such as Playstation for example. This is very easy to do, our accounts will be in the form of an email login + password, this can be used to log into the Activision website.

How to Access your Login Authentication Code

Upon logging in, you’ll typically require an authentication code from the email we give you, this is occasionally an outlook email, but is more often a email. If it is an outlook email, you can sign in at with the same log-in details we gave you, if it is, follow the tutorial below.

So you’ll have received a log-in, for example: 5fXAir3N

So to log in, you will first head to the website (It is in Russian, the reason we use them is because it is very simple to make emails for you guys on it). You can auto-translate the site contents into English, but eitherway here is what you do to.

Enter in your received log-in details and log into the email. After this, you’ll see your respective 2FA code in the most recent email within the inbox. You can go ahead and use this to authenticate your log-in to the Activision website. You can follow these steps again if you’re trying to access a code from this email to change the password/email associated with the account we sent you, which you can of course do as you please.

How to Link the Activision Account with your Platform of Choice

For example, if you’d have received a account, once you are logged into the Activision website, click ‘Profile’ (top right of website), then you will see all of the ‘Linked Accounts’ options. It will look like this:

If you are playing on Playstation for example, you can press ‘Link Account’ and enter in your PSN Log-in details. Once you’ve done this, upon launching your device you can log into the account we’ve provided you. The same applies for Xbox/Steam/

You can either link it to an existing account (such as an existing PSN account), in which it will overwrite the contents of the current account. Or, you can simply make a new Xbox/PSN account for example and link the account to it. From there, upon logging in you’ll see all of the new contents! If you have any further questions about this, feel free to make a Support Ticket in our Discord Server and we’d be happy to help. In alignment with the account requirements, our Tier 1-5 accounts come with phone numbers that we’ve sourced and used to verify the accounts. Whilst it means you can’t enable your own number with the profile of these accounts, they still have complete functionality.

How to Access an Authentication Code from the Recovery Email (For Tier 5-6 Accounts)

If you purchased one of our Tier 5-6 accounts, you will have received an Outlook email + password & a recovery email.

The Outlook email + password is what you will use to log-in to, from here, you can link any other platform to your account (Xbox/PS for example). In order to do this, you’ll typically be prompted with a message like this:

Step 1: Press ‘SEND CODE’ – From here, head to and enter the Email you received (

Step 2: The password you’ll have received won’t be for the email itself, it is just for the Activision. So here, press ‘Email code to eg****’, which of course would display as the recovery email that you received upon ordering.

Step 3: After pressing the ‘Email code’ option in Step 2, simply enter in the full email you received. From here, press ‘Send code’.

Step 4: Now you’ll need to retrieve your Outlook authentication code from – Upon entering the website, just enter in your email (For example:

Step 5: Upon entering in the email (no password is needed), you it will load up the emails received to this address. From here, you can press on the most recent email from Microsoft account team, and you’ll the 7-digit single-use code (as underlined ‘8319155’ is an example).

Step 6: Now that you have logged into your Outlook email, you can access your one-time Activision code. You can now go back and enter it in the initial Activision prompt window (Shown before Step 1) in order to link a platform of your choice. That is all that is needed, enjoy!

How to Access the Weapons (For Tier 1-4 Accounts)

If you purchased a Tier 1-4 Account (All Low Level), in order to unlock the ability to access & customize weapons, you’ll need to play on the account until it gets to Level 4. For example, once you play 1-2 Warzone matches you’ll reach this level and can then access your Weapons, where you’ll be able to see all of the Camos applied on each base weapon!