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Call of Duty MW3 Camo Blueprints Service

Do you want to get all of the most exclusive camos in MW3 at a fraction of the cost? Our Call of Duty MW3 Camo Blueprints soft-unlock service is the perfect package for you!

1) What are COD MW3 Soft Unlocks?

‘Soft unlocks’ are a term used in Call of Duty to describe when a camo is applied as a Blueprint. This is opposed to being ‘Hard Unlocked‘, where it would be legitimately unlocked through in-game progression. If you’d instead prefer your camos to be hard unlocked, check out these packages here!

Blueprints have almost the same degree of usability/customization as actual camos. However, they can’t be customized as freely and have a small associated risk of ban. Although, we take every precaution necessary to further mitigate this small risk, it is still possible. However, by purchasing this package, you’re covered by our Ban Warranty, meaning that in the case of a suspension, we’ll provide a free replacement account!

These camos are for MW3 specifically and do not work in Zombies at the moment. For Hard Unlocked Camos that work in Zombies, check out the other packages we offer.

2) What do you get?

We offer many options applied as Blueprints. These are added to your MW2 and or MW3 guns within MW3 depending on which options you choose. As for example, the Interstellar Camo can only be applied to MW3 guns, whereas the Bioluminescent is only for MW2 guns, within MW3. 

MW2 Weapons:
  • Options of Combos of the following: Gold, Golden Ivory, Platinum, Spinel Husk, Arachnida, Polyatomic, Bioluminescent & Orion Camo Blueprints on ALL MW2 Weapons
MW3 Weapons:
  • Options of Combos of the following: Gilded, Golden Enigma, Forged, Zircon Scale, Priceless, Serpentinite, Interstellar and Borealis Camo Blueprints on ALL MW3 Weapons

Additionally, this includes the Riot Shield, Combat Knife & Launchers.

Meta Attachments:
  • Through our COD MW3 Meta Attachments add-on, we go through options of 5, 10 or ALL of your Weapons and customize them with the current Meta Attachments. Furthermore, ‘Meta Attachments’ refers to the best/most OP combination of attachments. We’ll apply these meta attachments through Blueprints to all of your chosen weapons. Through typical game-play, obtaining Meta Attachment combos is extremely difficult! 
  • If you purchase Meta Attachments on 5 or 10 Weapons of your choice. After purchasing, we’ll reach out to request which weapons you’d like us to apply the attachments on.

3) How does the Call of Duty MW3 Camo Blueprint Service work?

  • In order to add your desired Camos, we simply log into an account of your choice. The process is very seamless, we require your log-in Email + Password and typically an authentication code, and we’re ready to go!
  • As displayed through our 10,000+ Trustpilot reviews, we are trusted for our authenticity throughout this process. Although, if you’re not comfortable with us logging into your own account, that is no problem! To accommodate, we offer  COD MW3 Bot Lobbies, which you can use to rapidly grind Camos/Unlocks with no login needed!

Have any other questions, or need any help? Join our Discord Server!

Please Note: It is recommended that you periodically check your Spam/Junk folder(s), as occassionally our emails can automatically be directed there.

3) How long does it take?

  • Through our Express Delivery option, we complete the service in an average of 3 hours, but it can take up to 24. Although, this can vary, as we’re only able to start once we have all of the correct information we need to log in.
  • Standard Delivery orders are completed within 24-72 hours.

4) Is the Call of Duty MW3 Camo Blueprint service legit?

  • Yes! We take pride in being the most reputable and most trusted vendor in Call of Duty. We’re #1 in the space, and have almost 10,000 Trustpilot reviews to show for this.
  • Furthermore, our large team of experts are dedicated to ensuring fast delivery, great customer service and the highest quality Call of Duty MW3 services.

5) Can I have the Call of Duty MW3 Camo Blueprint service on a separate account?

Of course! If you’d like a fully stacked account with Camos, Skins, Prestige Levels and more, check out our COD MW3 Accounts!

Additionally, would you like us to boost your account with Hard Unlocked 100% Legit Mastery Camos? Check out our MW3 Interstellar, Borealis, Bioluminescent and Orion Camo Unlock Packages!

Finally, our Call of Duty MW3 Camo Blueprint Service Works for PS4, PS5, Xbox One/One S, Xbox Series X/S & PC (Steam/!


We prioritise the fast and smooth delivery of our accounts through our within 24 hour Express Delivery offered on this Package!

Our 10,000+ Verified Trustpilot reviews reflect the exceptionally regarded service that we offer. All payments are safely encrypted through our highly esteemed payment processor.

Across all of our packages we provide the best contents and value.

Through our Camo Unlock Service, you won’t have to worry about relentlessly grinding for months just to get a few Camos, we can do it for you almost instantaneously! As well as being able to obtain EXCLUSIVE Unreleased Camos.

Although bans are extremely unlikely, we offer Ban Warranty as an extra level of reassurance. If your account gets banned, we will replace it!

What are Soft Unlocks in COD MW3?

Soft unlocks in Call of Duty refer to access being provided to new weapons, unlocks as well as camos in the form of Blueprints. For example, our Call of Duty MW3 Camo Blueprints Service adds all of your desired Mastery Camos in the form of Blueprints. Overall, you can still use them in-game alike normally unlocked camos. However, you can’t customise the Blueprints quite as much as you can actual unlock camos, and there is a risk they can disappear. Although, in any case of your Blueprints being wiped, they’re covered under our comprehensive warranty, and we’ll replace them free of cost!

The primary benefit of Soft Unlocks is that they’re very affordable, as they can be obtained in a fraction of the time compared to grinding Hard Unlocks. Therefore, if you’re looking to spend between $20-$60 to get some Camos, and aren’t fussed about having slightly less usability, they’re certainly a good choice! Furthermore, especially in comparison to Hard Unlocks. Which we offer at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere, but will usually cost atleast $100 to unlock a decent amount of Camos.

What are Hard Unlocks in COD MW3?

Hard unlocks in Call of Duty are a term used to define Camos or Max Gun Levels that have been unlocked through completely legitimate means. In other words, for our hard unlock services, we simply play the game normally in order to unlock your camos. There are no glitches or exploits used, or any form of software/cheats. Therefore, they’re 100% legitimate and safe, with 0 risk of them being wiped/taken away.

For example, if you were to purchase an Interstellar Hard Unlock Service, we’d completely unlock the Interstellar camo as well as all prerequisite unlocks required. Therefore, you’d have complete customizability with your weapons. Opposed to Blueprints which are slightly limited.

What is the difference between Hard and Soft Unlocks in Call of Duty?

In summary, Hard Unlocks are legitimately grinded Camos/Levelling services. Whereas Soft Unlocks are Camos applied in the form of Blueprints. Outside of the difference in application, the primary differentiating factor is the price.

A full Hard Unlock service will typically cost $100’s of dollars, even from the more affordable vendors (us). Whereas Soft Unlocks start at $20.

Which should I buy?

It depends what you’re looking for, and your budget. Objectively Hard Unlocks are a better option, but at a premium (and justifiable) cost.