How To Get Titanium Azure Camo In XDefiant?3 min read

Titanium Azure

Ubisoft developed this latest fast-paced arena shooter XDefiant which has taken the gaming world by storm with its blend of classic FPS mechanics and modern-day innovations. Among its standout features are the customizable weapon camos that let players show off their in-game prowess. This guide dives deep into one of the most sought-after camos in XDefiant — Titanium Azure.

XDefiant Camos

Weapon camos in XDefiant serve both aesthetic and bragging rights purposes. They range from simple designs to elaborate, mastery-based skins that highlight a player’s dedication and skill. In the game’s first season, the introduction of Mastery camos has added another layer of depth and challenge. These camos include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Titanium Violet, Titanium Azure, and Titanium Prisma.

The Prestige of Titanium Azure

The Titanium Azure camo is a mark of true dedication in XDefiant. It stands out with its sleek, futuristic blue finish, making any weapon look like a cutting-edge piece of tech. But achieving this camo is no small feat; it requires players to reach Weapon Level 350.

How to Unlock Titanium Azure Camo?

Unlocking the Titanium Azure camo requires grinding through matches and earning Weapon XP. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Equip the Weapon: Choose the weapon you want to unlock the camo for.
  2. Gain Weapon XP: Play matches and focus on using the chosen weapon. Each kill nets you 100 XP.
  3. Reach Weapon Level 350: Continue earning XP until the weapon reaches Level 350. This is where the grind becomes intense.

XP Boosters and Double XP Events

Maximizing your Weapon XP is crucial for efficiently unlocking the Titanium Azure camo. Here are some tips:

  • Activate XP Boosters: These can be earned through gameplay or purchased and will significantly increase the XP you gain per match.
  • Participate in Double XP Events: Keep an eye out for special events that double your XP earnings. These events can cut down the grind time considerably.

Gameplay Strategies for Efficient Grinding

To make the most of your gameplay time, consider these strategies:

  • Play modes that focus on objectives rather than pure kills, as they often reward more XP overall.
  • Aim for high-kill games in modes like Team Deathmatch. More kills equal more XP.
  • Optimize your loadout for maximum efficiency. Use attachments that enhance your weapon’s performance.

Insider Tips

Veteran players of XDefiant recommend a few insider tips to speed up the process:

  • Learn the maps inside out. Knowing the best spots and spawn points can give you an edge in racking up kills.
  • Play with a coordinated team. Good teamwork can lead to better match performance and higher XP gains.
  • Adapt your playstyle to the weapon you are leveling up. Different weapons require different tactics.

Comparisons with Other Mastery Camos

The journey to unlock Titanium Azure isn’t just about the grind; it’s also about how it stacks up against other camos:

  • Bronze: Unlocked at Weapon Level 100. It’s the first milestone and relatively easy to achieve.
  • Silver: Achieved at Weapon Level 150. A bit more challenging but still manageable.
  • Gold: Requires Weapon Level 200. This is where the grind starts to intensify.
  • Titanium Violet: Reached at Weapon Level 300. A significant jump from Gold, demanding more commitment.
  • Titanium Prisma: The ultimate challenge at Weapon Level 400. This camo is for the most dedicated players.

According to community statistics, the average player spends around 20-30 hours to reach Weapon Level 350 for a single weapon. You can also make use of bot lobbies. To earn XP quickly and reach Weapon Level 350 in XDefiant, playing in bot lobbies is a highly effective strategy. MitchCactus provides Bot Lobbies filled with AFK accounts, allowing you to secure 150-200+ kills per match and level up rapidly. However, using XP boosters and playing during Double XP events can reduce this time significantly. High-level players often report completing the grind in as little as 15 hours with optimal strategies.