How To Get Silver Camos In XDefiant4 min read

XDefiant Silver Camo

Unlocking Silver Camos in XDefiant not only improves your weapon’s aesthetics but also serves as a testament to your skill and dedication in the game. This detailed guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get Silver Camos in XDefiant, from understanding their purpose to specific strategies for completing the necessary challenges. 

What Are Silver Camos In XDefiant?

Silver Camos are a step above Bronze Camos in XDefiant, representing a higher level of mastery with a particular weapon. While Bronze Camos are impressive, Silver Camos indicate that a player has progressed further, completing more complex challenges and showcasing greater expertise. These camos add a sleek, metallic finish to your weapons, making them stand out in the battlefield.

Differences Between Silver and Bronze Camos

  • Challenge Complexity
    Unlocking Silver Camos involves more challenging and varied objectives compared to Bronze.
  • Prestige Level
    Silver Camos are considered more prestigious, reflecting a deeper commitment to mastering the game.
  • Visual Appeal
    While both camos are visually distinct, Silver Camos offer a more refined and polished look.

How To Get Silver Camos in XDefiant?

Weapon Level Requirement

  • Level Requirement: Level 75
  • Experience Points: Continuation from the Bronze level.

Reaching level 75 will unlock the Silver Mastery Camo. This requires a total of 262,500 XP. The grind intensifies, so maintain a high level of performance in matches and aim for multi-kills and objective plays to rack up XP efficiently.

  1. Choose the Right Weapon

Select a weapon you are proficient with. Since the challenges for Silver Camos are more demanding, it’s crucial to use a weapon that fits your playstyle and strengths.

  1. Understand the Challenges

Each weapon in XDefiant has its own set of challenges to unlock Silver Camos. These typically include:

  • High Kill Counts: Achieving a substantial number of kills with the weapon.
  • Advanced Headshots: Landing a higher number of headshots.
  • Precision Kills: Securing kills at specific distances or with particular precision.
  • Kill Streaks: Achieving multiple kills in quick succession without dying.

Review these challenges in the weapon customization menu to plan your strategy.

  1. Loadout Optimization

Equip your weapon with attachments that improve its performance. 

Consider the following:

  • Barrels and Grips: Improve accuracy and reduce recoil.
  • Optics: Choose scopes or sights that aid in precision, especially for headshots and long-range kills.
  • Magazines: Opt for extended magazines to increase your kill potential before needing to reload.
  1. Focused Gameplay

Play game modes that align with your challenge requirements. 

For example:

  • Team Deathmatch: Ideal for racking up kill counts.
  • Domination: Good for positioning and securing long-range kills.
  • Hardpoint: Offers chaotic close-quarter combat, perfect for kill streaks.
  1. Practice Precision

Regularly practice to improve your aim and reflexes. Use custom matches or training modes to hone your skills without the pressure of live competition.

  1. Track Your Progress

Keep an eye on your progress in the weapon customization menu. This helps you stay motivated and adjust your strategies as needed.

Tips and Tricks To Get Silver Camos In XDefiant

Mastering Map Knowledge

Understanding the maps is crucial. Learn the best spots for long-range kills, headshots, and high-traffic areas where you can achieve kill streaks.

Customizing Your Settings

Optimize your game settings for better performance:

  • Adjust your sensitivity settings to find a balance between quick reactions and precise aiming.
  • Increase your Field of View (FOV) for better peripheral vision.
  • Set graphics to ensure smooth gameplay and clear visibility.

Try Different Game Modes

Select game modes that best suit the challenges you need to complete. Modes with high player counts and fast respawn times increase your opportunities for kills and streaks.

Strategic Positioning

Position yourself strategically during matches:

  • Aim for the upper body and head. Use cover effectively to steady your aim.
  • Use maps with open areas and high vantage points. Equip long-range optics.
  • Play aggressively but smartly. Know when to retreat and reload.

Use Boosts and Perks

Equip perks that complement your playstyle and aid in challenge completion. Examples include:

  • Scavenger: For resupplying ammo during kill streaks.
  • Ghost: To stay undetected and secure more kills.

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Final Words

Undoubtedly, it’s hard to get Silver Camos in XDefiant. However, it is a rewarding experience that highlights your skill and dedication to the game. Following the detailed steps and strategies outlined in this guide, you can efficiently complete the necessary challenges and proudly display your Silver Camos.