How To Get Mastery Camos In XDefiant?3 min read

XDefiant How to get mastery camos

Mastery Camos – Most Difficult To Get

Mastery Camos in XDefiant are the ultimate achievement in weapon customization, representing the pinnacle of a player’s proficiency and dedication to a specific weapon. Unlike Bronze, Silver, and Gold Camos, which reflect a player’s progressive improvement and skill levels, Mastery Camos are reserved for those who have gone above and beyond in their gameplay. Achieving a Mastery Camo requires completing all the intricate and challenging weapon-specific tasks, and demonstrating a comprehensive understanding and control of the weapon’s mechanics.

These camos are not just visually stunning but also serve as a status symbol within the XDefiant community. They showcase a player’s skill and commitment, often earning respect and admiration from peers. The road to unlocking a Mastery Camo involves mastering headshots, multi-kills, long shots, and various other advanced challenges, which collectively test and refine a player’s skills to the highest degree.

In essence, Mastery Camos are a testament to a player’s exceptional talent and perseverance. They are a visual representation of the countless hours of practice, strategic thinking, and tactical execution required to achieve them.

Differences Between Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Mastery Camos 

Mastery Camos differ significantly from the lower-tier Camos in terms of difficulty and requirements. 

Here are the differences:

FeatureBronze CamosSilver CamosGold CamosMastery Camos
Unlocking CriteriaBasic usage and killsSpecific tasks like headshots or multi-killsAdvanced challenges like precision kills and streaksComprehensive mastery of all weapon challenges
DifficultyLowMediumHighVery High
Prestige LevelBasicIntermediateAdvancedExpert
Visual AppealSimpleModerately detailedHighly detailedUnique and elaborate

How To Get Mastery Camos In XDefiant? (Tips)

Weapon Level Requirement

  • Level Requirement: Level 100
  • Experience Points: Continuation from the Silver level.

The Gold Mastery Camo is unlocked at weapon level 100, necessitating 350,000 XP in total. This is the ultimate challenge, demanding around 80 hours of dedicated playtime with the weapon. Stay focused and keep improving your gameplay to reach this prestigious level.

In-Game Tracking

  • Method: Access the “Mastery” tab under your weapon’s menu.
  • Details: This tab shows your current level, XP progress, and the requirements for the next camo.

Use this feature to monitor your progress and set short-term goals for each gaming session.

Maximize Playtime

  • Tip: Play during off-peak hours for potentially easier matches.
  • Focus: Aim for high-kill games and participate actively in objectives.

Optimize Loadouts

  • Perks: Use perks that enhance survivability and combat efficiency.
  • Attachments: Equip attachments that improve accuracy and handling.

Team Play

  • Strategy: Coordinate with teammates to control maps and maximize engagement opportunities.
  • Communication: Use voice chat to strategize and support each other in completing challenges.

Practice in Custom Matches

Use custom matches to practice specific challenges without the pressure of competitive gameplay. This allows you to refine your techniques and improve your accuracy and consistency.

Use In-Game Statistics

Keep an eye on the in-game statistics to identify areas for improvement. Look at your kill/death ratio, accuracy, and other relevant metrics to refine your gameplay and enhance your performance.

Benefits To Get Mastery Camos in XDefiant

Achieving Mastery Camos in XDefiant offers several benefits. First, it showcases your dedication and skill, earning respect within the gaming community. Mastery Camos serve as a status symbol, highlighting your ability with specific weapons. They also motivate more and more improvement, as you refine your gameplay to meet challenging requirements. Additionally, the process of unlocking these camos helps you discover optimal loadouts and strategies, enhancing your overall performance. Finally, displaying Mastery Camos boosts your confidence and provides a sense of accomplishment, making your gaming experience more rewarding and enjoyable.

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