XDefiant Best Weapons: A Tier List Of The Top Weapons10 min read

XDefiant Best Weapons

Ubisoft’s arena shooter is finally here after a long wait, and it offers players a vast arsenal of weapons to learn and practice on various levels and game modes. The game features a ton of weapons and attachments that affect your gameplay in the most significant way.

Running the game’s most powerful and meta guns is crucial to having the advantage over your opponents and winning 1v1 fights. It will also help you understand and evolve with the meta, which is subject to constant change, particularly following the game’s early debut.

We have listed XDefiant meta weapons in our piece, arranging them from S-Tier to C-Tier. With this information, you can determine which rifle is the best in every category. You can then construct a loadout around it and acquire the necessary attachments in your game.

Like in other first-person shooter games, some guns stand out from the crowd due to their superior performance. This is why we’ve evaluated all the top picks from best to worst since. No matter the terrain or game mode you’re playing, you can win every match with our XDefiant best weapons tier list 2024.

What is the Best Weapon in XDefiant?

What is the Best Weapon in XDefiant?

Currently, ACR 6.8 is the most potent assault rifle available in XDefiant and the strongest weapon in the game. Its incredible control over recoil and unmatched damaging range set it apart from all the other firearms on the list.

It is also sufficiently accurate and mobile when used with the appropriate attachments, making it appropriate for close and far distances. You can easily win any one-on-one shootout and overwhelm your opponents at any range once you get the hang of it.

Best Sniper in XDefiant

TAC-50 is the greatest sniper, particularly for quick-scoping enthusiasts in XDefiant. You may easily take out an enemy at any distance with this gun. Its massive damage is what makes this feasible. It also has reasonable mobility, so you may explore the map quickly without setting up camp in one place.

In addition to being a fantastic quick-scoping option, TAC-50 is currently one of the best XDefiant meta firearms available. It is too powerful to replace, say, M44. This could, however, alter at any moment if the developers choose to remove the Nerf or add a new Sniper Rifle. BLOG20

Best SMG in XDefiant

Best SMG in XDefiant

The greatest SMG available in XDefiant is, without a doubt, MP7. Its incredible fire rate, which lets you win the majority of 1v1 gunfights, is the primary cause. It also has incredible mobility and damage. In a nutshell, this gun contains everything that an ideal SMG should have. There isn’t really a better choice when it comes to smaller maps. Try MP7 for quick rushes and deceiving your opponents.

Best LMG in XDefiant

During the game’s beta, several players found that the RPK-74 is the greatest light machine gun in XDefiant. It is still the best in its class, even though it is far weaker now than ever. It is definitely stronger than weapons like the M60 or M249. The same primary causes as before account for this:

  • Imposing firepower
  • Lots of ammunition
  • Good mobility

The final issue is significant to discuss because it is an area where many LMGs suffer. Fortunately, compared to other firearms in this class, the RPK-74 is not overly hefty and allows you to travel about the map readily.

Best Pistol in XDefiant

The 686 Magnum’s capacity to deliver harm makes it the greatest pistol in XDefiant. It can take one headshot and execute a one-shot. Of fact, as a primary weapon, it remains an unstable option. However, its main drawbacks are its moderate fire rate and a somewhat small magazine size. Use it only if you have no other options and your primary gun is empty of ammunition.

You can also consider 93R if you’re searching for anything smaller. The same as the 686 Magnum, we also placed this handgun in A-Tier. It can be very helpful, particularly if you are cornered and utilizing a sniper rifle.

XDefiant Gun Tier List

A few really potent firearms work well for all play types. It’s difficult to rank them because some have comparable qualities. Despite this, we have a tier list that places all weaponry in order of preference.

Let’s now examine the thorough XDefiant gun tier list. Every weapon will be positioned in the appropriate tier. The S-Tier has the best options, whereas the C-Tier contains the worst options.

S Tier

In the game’s current build, the S tier stands for weapon selections considered meta. Whether talking about close-quarters or long-range gunfights, they are excellent in all kinds of conflicts. Guns in this tier are a great option to base your loadout on if you want high-damage output, adaptability, and versatility.

  • M4A1
  • ACR 6.8
  • MP7
  • RPK-74
  • 686 Magnum

The M4A1, ACR, MP7, and RPK-74 are at the top of our XDefiant weapon tier ranking. Due to their extreme versatility, all four weapons have the potential to be quite effective in combat.

A tier

A tier comprises weapons that, while still good choices, aren’t as good as the strongest weapons in the armory. That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t use them. These weapons are great choices and quite dominant. They fall short of being the ideal weapon choice in the game, though.

  • Vector .45 ACP
  • AK-47
  • M16A4
  • 93R
  • TAC-50
  • SVD
  • P90
  • M60

B tier

The performance starts to decline at the B tier. While these weapons may be effective in some situations, they are generally better avoided.

The B-Tier weaponry is still a good option despite being far weaker. Although they can be utilized in specific load-outs, they are ineffective or adaptable. If you employ specific attachments, you can also level most of their downsides. Although they’re not even close to being meta, B-tier weapons can still be considered cozy choices. They perform admirably in battle, but meta-tier weaponry will always be superior.

You can look into the guns that come with this tier only if you don’t have any other options.

  • M44
  • AA-12
  • MK 20 SSR
  • Double Barrel
  • M870
  • MP5A2

Naturally, there’s always a risk that seasonal upgrades will alter the weapon balancing.

C tier

Lastly, C-Tier stands for the base of the XDefiant weapons meta. The firearms in this category have observable flaws that are nearly impossible to fix. They appear far weaker than weapons from higher categories, and in any event, they are not advised for usage.

If players so want, they can circumvent the C-tier weapons’ limits. They are useful in specialized interactions.

  • SPAS-12
  • Desert Eagle
  • XM1014
  • PP-19 Bizon

Making a decision is much easier because each XDefiant weapon is ranked and arranged in its own category. Nonetheless, remember that the game’s meta is dynamic and subject to big adjustments.

XDefiant Best Guns

  1. M4A1
XDefiant Best Guns - M4A1

There’s a reason why many people in XDefiant use the M4A1 by default. Its range, accuracy, precision, and consistency in landing kills make it an excellent all-around rifle suitable for both novice and expert shooter gamers. Although it doesn’t shine in any specific area, its versatility should be highlighted in one or more of your main loadouts.

  1. ACR 6.8
XDefiant Best Guns - ACR 6.8

Comparable in precision and dependability to the other laser in the game, the M4A1, the ACR 6.8, offers even greater performance. Even though its firepower is a little less than ideal, holding this gun in your hands won’t ever cause you to lose aim. It is among the best choices in XDefiant and lives up to its reputation.

  1. RPK-74
XDefiant RPK-74

Don’t pass on the RPK-74 if you’re searching for something with more stopping power. With plenty of ammunition and devastating damage, this LMG can take down opponents while you stand guard over a capture point or go through a lane on one of the various XDefiant maps. Despite being a little shaky, it is currently the best LMG in the game.

  1. Vector .45 ACP
XDefiant Best Guns - Vector .45 ACP

Compared to assault rifles, SMGs are less versatile in the many XDefiant game modes. Many maps are quite open or have long-range sightlines, which can expose you depending on the type of weapon. The Vector is the best option, though, if you must choose one.

  1. AK-47
XDefiant AK-47

The AK-47 is still a showpiece weapon in any arsenal, even though it isn’t quite as accurate as its brothers in our XDeifant greatest weapons and guns list. Its range and damage really set it apart, as it can take out targets faster than you can say “XDefiant.”

  1. MP7
XDefiant MP7

The MP7 trails the Vector by a small margin. Even while it is still a strong SMG, the Vector can drop targets more quickly than it can due to its slower firing rate. However, it has slightly more mobility and a lot more ammunition. Thus, the MP7 is a good option if you’re searching for a nimble weapon.

How To Level Up Weapons Quickly

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We have ranked every currently playable weapon in the game to compile our XDefiant weapon tier list. Although we have made every effort to present you with an equitable score, please consider this data our assessment. Ultimately, you should practice with the rifle that is most comfortable for you. The ultimate decision is also influenced by your play style and the map you use.

We believe the developers will release patches frequently, and there will be updates often. They will begin by experimenting with guns, as is always the case with first-person shooters.