Best 7 Guns In XDefiant (Close Range, Mid Range, Long Range)4 min read

Best Guns in XDefiant

Article Summary

  • Best close-range guns: MP7 and AA-12.
  • Best mid-range guns: M4A1 and AK-47.
  • Best long-range guns: MK14 and SCAR-H.
  • All-rounder: P90.
  • Technical strengths and stats of each gun are also mentioned.

XDefiant is Ubisoft’s dynamic first-person shooter that blends fast-paced gameplay with tactical team-based action. Players engage in intense battles using a variety of weapons tailored to different combat scenarios. Mastering the best guns for each range can significantly impact your performance in the game. 

Here’s a breakdown of the best 7 guns in XDefiant for close, mid, and long-range combat.

Close-Range Guns


The MP7 is a compact submachine gun (SMG) known for its high fire rate and excellent maneuverability, making it perfect for close-quarters combat. It offers a balance of speed and precision, allowing players to outmaneuver and outshoot opponents in tight spaces.

Fire Rate: 950 RPM

Damage: 22 per shot

Effective Range: 10 meters

Magazine Size: 40 rounds


The AA-12 is an automatic shotgun that dominates in close-range engagements. Its high damage output and rapid fire rate make it lethal in confined areas. The AA-12 is ideal for clearing rooms and holding choke points.

Fire Rate: 300 RPM

Damage: 90 per pellet (multiple pellets per shot)

Effective Range: 8 meters

Magazine Size: 20 rounds

Mid-Range Guns


The M4A1 is a versatile assault rifle that excels in mid-range combat. It features a balanced fire rate and manageable recoil, making it reliable for various combat scenarios. The M4A1 is favored for its accuracy and adaptability.

Fire Rate: 750 RPM

Damage: 30 per shot

Effective Range: 40 meters

Magazine Size: 30 rounds


The AK-47 is a powerhouse in mid-range engagements, known for its high damage and penetrative capabilities. While it has more recoil than the M4A1, its stopping power is unmatched, making it a formidable choice for players who can control its kick.

Fire Rate: 600 RPM

Damage: 35 per shot

Effective Range: 35 meters

Magazine Size: 30 rounds

Long-Range Guns


The MK14 is a designated marksman rifle (DMR) that shines in long-range combat. Its semi-automatic firing mode and high damage per shot make it perfect for picking off enemies from a distance. The MK14 requires precise aim but rewards skilled players with high kill potential.

Fire Rate: 300 RPM

Damage: 75 per shot

Effective Range: 70 meters

Magazine Size: 20 rounds


The SCAR-H is another excellent choice for long-range engagements, offering a balance between a sniper rifle and an assault rifle. It delivers substantial damage with each shot, making it effective for both single and burst fire modes.

Fire Rate: 550 RPM

Damage: 40 per shot

Effective Range: 60 meters

Magazine Size: 20 rounds



The P90 is a versatile submachine gun that performs well across various ranges, though it is particularly effective in close to mid-range combat. Its high rate of fire and large magazine capacity make it a reliable choice for sustained engagements.

Fire Rate: 900 RPM

Damage: 25 per shot

Effective Range: 20 meters

Magazine Size: 50 rounds

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What is the best gun in XDefiant for close-range combat?

The best gun in XDefiant for close-range combat is the MP7 due to its high fire rate and maneuverability, closely followed by the AA-12 for its devastating shotgun power.

Which mid-range gun should I use in XDefiant?

For mid-range combat, the M4A1 is highly recommended for its balance and accuracy, while the AK-47 offers higher damage for players who can manage its recoil.

What are the top long-range guns in XDefiant?

The MK14 and SCAR-H are top choices for long-range engagements, with the MK14 providing high damage per shot and the SCAR-H offering versatility and power.

Is the P90 a good all-rounder in XDefiant?

Yes, the P90 is an excellent all-rounder, excelling in close to mid-range combat with its high fire rate and large magazine capacity.

Where can I buy maxed-out XDefiant guns?

You can buy fully upgraded XDefiant guns from trusted platforms like MitchCactus at competitive prices to enhance your gameplay experience.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right weapon for each combat scenario in XDefiant can significantly improve your performance. Whether you prefer the rapid fire of the MP7, the power of the AA-12, the versatility of the M4A1, or the precision of the MK14, trying out these guns will give you a competitive edge. Don’t forget to check out MitchCactus for the best deals on fully upgraded XDefiant guns, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.