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MW3 Zombies How to Unlock Season 2 Schematics5 min read

MW3 Zombies How to Unlock Season 2 Schematics

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Reloaded added new schematics to Zombies. Players can unlock new MW3 Zombies schematics by completing the second Dark Aether rift Easter Egg. Here’s how to unlock all new Season 2 schematics in MWIII Zombies.

What Are The New Schematics?

MW3 Zombies Season 2 added the Mags of Holding upgrade, which acts like Stock Option from Black Ops 3. Players can shoot all the ammo from their reserve instead of their magazine. Blood Burner Keys were also introduced, allowing players to spawn in a Blood Burner motorcycle without having to look for it around the map. Lastly, plans for the V-R11 were also added, which gives players the opportunity to use the Season 1 wonder weapon right off spawn.

Unlock The Second Dark Aether Rift

The new schematics can only be unlocked inside the second Dark Aether rift within MW3 Zombies Season 2. Players will need to enter the second dark aether rift by completing the following tasks:

  • Collect 4 Artifacts in The ACT 4 Mission “Countermeasure”
  • Complete The New ACT 4 Mission “Countermeasure”
  • Upgrade 4 Artifacts On Urzikstan
  • Place Artifacts and Aquire a Sigil
  • Enter The Second Dark Aether Rift in The Tier 3 Zone

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Collecting 4 Artifacts


Enter the Act 4 mission “Countermeasure” and before you exfil a reward rift will spawn with the Drum as an item to pick up. Luckily, this artifact is already upgraded, unlike the other three you have to collect.


Enter the Act 4 mission “Countermeasure” and once you’ve spawned, head over to the boat and you will find the statue in the middle. Interact with the statue and it will spawn an insta kill which you will need to melee zombies with. You can then collect the boxing gloves and prepare them for an upgrade.

Upgrading the boxing gloves requires players to take them to Urzikstan where they can offer them in the boxing ring located at the bottom of Zaravan City. Once the gloves have been offered, your screen will begin to shake and 3 punching bags will spawn by the ring. Punch each one of them with your fists until they set on fire. A zombie will spawn in and you have to punch him with your fists until he drops the upgraded Boxing Gloves.


Go to E4 (located behind the stadium in the second Dark Aether Rift) and you will find another statue. Interact with it, which will spawn zombies that can only die from headshots. Once all zombies are killed, a firing range target will spawn in the reward rift.

To upgrade the target, you’ll need to go to a Firing Range located at Shanin Manor in Urzikstan. Interact with a target until all targets turn purple. Shoot each target until they turn red. After all targets are shot, a zombie will spawn in who can only die to a headshot. Killing him will drop the upgraded yellow firing range target.


Go over to I8 (in the second Dark Aether Rift) and you will find a statue in the thick fog. Interact with the statue and AAT Zombies will spawn in. Kill a AAT zombie with the respective AAT Weapon Mod (ex. zombies with ice must be killed with cryofreeze, zombies with green mist must be killed with brain rot). Once all zombies are killed, the mirror will drop via the reward rift.

Upgrading the mirror requires players to go to the Graveyard located at I3 and drop the mirror in a patch of grass. AAT Zombies will start spawning, in which you will need to kill them using their respective ammo mods which can be cycled through in the center of the graveyard. This is just like the AAT zombie step in the dark aether rift, where one ammo mod must be used on specific zombies. Players will also need a Tier II weapon or higher to deal damage to the special AAT zombies. Once all zombies are killed, the upgraded mirror will drop inside of a purple explosion.

Open The Second Rift

After all 4 upgraded artifacts have been collected, players need to head to the Nahr Bathouse in Tier 3, to start placing them down. Place the artifacts in their respective pedestals which will spawn in an EMP mimic. Once this mimic is killed, a regular sigil will drop in his reward rift. Players can then choose to enter the regular dark aether rift, or they can go straight into the hardcore dark aether rift if they have elder sigils handy from Season 1.

The new schematics can only be unlocked by completing contracts in the second dark aether rift after using an elder sigil. Elder sigils are collected randomly through reward rifts in either of the regular dark aether rifts, which require normal sigils. Folks who stockpiled elder sigils can bypass having to farm elder sigils, and work directly on completing contracts in the second dark aether rift.

Second Dark Aether Rift Contracts

The following contracts are available in the second rift, any of which can randomly reward one of the new schematics:

  • Bounty
  • Outlast
  • Aether Extractors

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