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How to Unlock Obsidian Camo in MW3 Season 4 Explained3 min read

Molten Obsidian Camo MW3

Modern Warfare 3 is adding the Obsidian camo from Modern Warfare (2019) in the form of a Prestige Mastery camo. Last season, a new camo grind was added into MW3 which allowed players to continue grinding with a weapon even after hitting max rank. Here’s how to unlock the Modern Warfare III obsidian camo!

COD MW3 Molten Obsidian Camo

Prestige Camo System Explained

Following the launch of Season 3 Reloaded, Sledgehammer brought forth a new camo grind for all players. This isn’t meant to be a new completionist camo grind, but instead is a form of appreciation for a player’s favorite weapon.

COD MW3 One Trick Camo

Prestige weapon camos can be unlocked on a per weapon basis, first requiring 150,000 weapon XP to earn players the animated “One Trick” camo. Players can use this camo on the gun they grinded 150,000 weapon XP for, only after that weapon is max rank.

Season 4 Obsidian Camo

Season 4 is adding a new weapon prestige camo on launch. Beginning on May 29th, players can earn the Obsidian camo if they hit 200,000 total weapon XP with a maxed out weapon. If you want to unlock it right now, check out our brand new Molten Obsidian Camo Boost!

COD MW3 Season 4 Camos

Once a player has the Season 3 “One Trick” camo is unlock is when they can begin working towards obsidian.

Unlock Fast Weapon XP

Reliable strategies for earning fast Weapon XP includes popping a 2WXP token and getting as many kills as possible in long matches of Multiplayer, Warzone or Zombies. Completing contracts or weapon related challenges in any mode can also help players burn through weapon XP relatively quick.

COD MW3 Fast Weapon XP

Players have reported only spending around 90 minutes in game doing the above to earn the 150,000 weapon XP required for the One Trick camo. NOTE: Prestige camos don’t need to be unlocked on every weapon in a certain category for the camo to be used.

How to unlock it RIGHT NOW!

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