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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 2023 One Shot Sniper List5 min read

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 2023 one-shot sniper

Sniping in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has always been about precision and split-second reflexes. In the hands of a pro sniper, one shot can change the course of the entire match. However, not all snipers are the same or at least remain the same. With each update, the developers keep on buffing and nerfing weapons to maintain a balanced gameplay. 

Here is the best Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 2023 one-shot sniper list.

  1. MORS
MORS one shot sniper rifle in COD MW3
MORS One Shot Sniper (Image via Activision)

There’s no doubt that MORS stands out as one of the best one-shot snipers in Warfare 3. It has high damage and accuracy making it an all-round sniper rifle. The MORS rifle reloads like a bolt-action rifle, taking 1.2 seconds. It limits how fast you can shoot that is at 47 rounds per minute. But with attachments like Quick Bolt, reload time drops to 1.1 seconds, making it quicker to shoot again. The high damage output and incredible stats make it an ideal Warfare 3 one-shot sniper. 

  1. FJX Imperium
Close angle to FJX Imperium Sniper
FJ Imperium Sniper (Image via Activision)

Among all MW3 snipers, FJX Imperium is another one-shot sniper that players choose without second thought. It delivers precision and power on every shot. You can also equip it with customizable loadouts like the Fahrenheit 29″ barrel and VLK LZR 7MW laser. FJX Imperium’s becomes more deadly in MW3 when amplified by its .408 Explosive ammunition and FJX Blast bolt, that further increases its damage. It doesn’t matter if it is obtained at Common rarity or through the Mystery Box for 950 Essence, its presence on the battlefield is felt. 

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Deadly KATT-AMR one shot Sniper COD MW3
Deadly KATT-AMR (Image via Activision)

KATT-AMR is also known for its one-shot capability in MW3. This .50 Cal bolt-action rifle is renowned for its ability to deliver high damage range with each shot especially when shot on knees above. There’s no debate that the KATT-AMR holds the distinction of being the only Sniper Rifle capable of achieving one-shot kills at any range without the need for special ammunition. This unique feature, coupled with its best bullet velocity, solidifies its position as one of the best one-shot snipers in Warfare 3.

XRK STALKER best one-shot COD MW3 sniper
XRK Stalker (Image via Activision)

This tactical sniper rifle is considered as one of the best snipers when it comes to handling. XRK STALKER is chambered in .50 Cal. It offers precision and power to a great extent on the battlefield. 

Introduced as part of the Season One update, the XRK Stalker has quickly earned its reputation as the best sniper in Warfare 3 especially for players who like to go aggressive. You can quip it with the Sonic Suppressor XL and Fission 60 Barrel. However, its one-shot range is limited to about 70 meters. However, this is balanced by its outstanding performance in close to mid-range battles. Although Season 3 Reloaded brought some nerfs that affected its bullet velocity, the XRK Stalker remains a top pick for players.

  1. Victus XMR
Victus AMR design and color
Victus AMR (Image via Activision)

The hard-hitting performance and accuracy of Victus XMR are the reason we have to include it in our top MW3 snipers list. It can be equipped with .50 cal BMG ammunition with almost maximum damage range. Its high damage in close range makes it a top contender. The Victus XMR is ideal for fast and powerful shots, particularly over long distances. That’s why, it is described in-game as a weapon with tungsten sabot-tipped bullets.

The Victus XMR can be obtained via Create-A-Class or from the Mystery Box in Zombies mode. When upgraded, it transforms into the Veni Vidi Victus. 

Despite its struggles beyond 150 meters, the Victus XMR remains a solid option for aggressive snipers, offering above-average ADS speed and performance in close to medium-range engagements. These are the top 5 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 2023 One Shot Sniper List!

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