Refund Policy

We allow customers to request refunds for products or services under reasonable conditions.

For refunds that are processed, the funds will be returned to your original method of payment. It may take up to 96 business hours (from when the refund has been processed) for you to receive your funds.

A Refund Can Be Provided in the Following Cases:

      1. Your order was cancelled;
      2. Repeat payment(s): In the case where a customer repeated a payment to one order, we will happily provide a refund for the additional payment(s).
      3. You reconsidered spending money on services, placed on the website (if the order has already started by that time, a partial refund can be made in accordance with the current progress. If the order has already been completed by that time, this is not applicable);
      4. Products not received: The products were not delivered to the customer, particularly within the scheduled delivery time.
      5. Partial Refunds for additional ‘Express/Prioritised Delivery’ add-ons. In cases where the service was not provided in the expedited timeframe, with an exclusion of any delays in customer responses, we can refund the additional amount or compensate for the delay through adding additional items free of cost.
    1.  Due to the nature of virtual goods, customers do not incur any additional fees or shipping costs for refunds.

    How to Request a Refund

    In order to request a refund, please contact our Support by submitting a ‘Get Help form or creating a ticket in our Discord Server.