How to Log into your Forza Steam Account

Hello! You are seeing this page as you’ve just purchased a Forza Steam Modded Account from us, here is how you can log-in to the account.

Here is an example of a log-in you’d have received – Steam User:Pass = x_username : Password | Auth Email:Pass : Egpassword

As shown above, you will have received a Steam User:Pass. You use this Steam Username & Password to log into the Steam account you will have received. Upon logging in, you will be requested to authorise your entry through a code. This is where the email we sent you can be used by you to retrieve this code.

As also shown, you will have received an Auth Email:Pass. We use two main domains for these emails, it will either be an email, or a email.

For Emails: If your Auth Email looks like:, you can simply head to and enter in the Auth Email + Auth Password. From here, you will be able to retrieve your code.

For / If your auth email looks like, to access the code, head to – Similarly, if it looks like, head to to access the code.

For Emails: If your Auth Email looks like:, follow the steps below.

You can log into this email at (It is slightly inconvenient as the website is in Russian, but we use them as they are far simpler to make whilst still being easy for you as a customer to then change your authorisation email on your Steam account to another of your choice).

You can auto-translate the site contents into English, but eitherway here is what you do:

At enter in your Auth Email, from here you will be in the email. After this, you’ll see your respective 2FA code in the most recent email. You can use this to authorise your entry into the Steam account log-on we sent. From here, you can change the email/password to one of your choice and personalize the account as you please. Enjoy!

After this, you will see a copy of Forza Horizon 5 that comes with the account that you can log onto. Upon launching Forza, you will be requested to add or log on with an Xbox account, here, you will enter the Auth Email:Pass (rambler email).

After this, you will load up and see all of your desired modded contents 🙂

How to change the Authentication email

The emails that come with the accounts are only needed for your authentication codes to log-in/change information. Once you’ve used them for these purposes, feel free to change them to a mail platform you’re more familiar/comfortable with. To do so, check our the steps in this guide.

Enjoy! Be sure to leave a Review on our Trustpilot page, you’ll be automatically invited to leave one shortly.

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