GTA 5 Modded Cars & Outfits For Sale – PS4

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GTA 5 Modded Cars & Modded Outfits for Sale – PS4

Explore our GTA 5 Modded Cars and Outfits package tailored for PS4, showcasing an extensive range of custom cars and fits to enhance your GTA Online journey. Explore our various options, all which can be applied to an existing account of your choice.

1) How does it work?

  • In order to add your GTA 5 Modded Cars & Outfits for PS4, we’ll log onto your account. The details to your account can be entered in checkout. We’ll notify you via email if we require any further information and when your order has been completed.
  • Please Note: We recommend you to regularly check your Spam/Junk folders for any emails from our team.

2) How long does it take?

  • Our delivery speed is based off of which option you choose. For example, Express Delivery is within 24 hours, whereas Standard Delivery will take 24-72 hours. Furthermore, even in the case of delays, Express Delivery will ensure your order is prioritised within our queue .

3) What information do we need from you?

  • We require your PSN Email + Password, as well as a few 2FA Backup Codes. This will ensure we’re able to log into your account without you needing to be online simultaneously to authenticate our entry. As displayed through our 5000+ Trustpilot reviews, we are trusted for our authenticity throughout this process.

4) Can I get banned?

  • We guarantee that this package is 100% Safe, Secure & Ban Proof and to provide a further degree of reassurance we even provide a Ban Warranty guarantee.

5) Which GTA 5 Modded Cars can I buy for PS4?

  • You can choose which cars you’d like from this image gallery. Shortly after you purchase, we’ll reach out to you to request which ones you’d like us to add, and we’ll take care of the rest! For example, if you purchased 5x Modded Cars, you could choose 5 different cars, or a couple of the same of each, just as long as it is up to or equivalent to 10.
  • Not to mention, we offer our custom ‘PIZZA Pack’ as a collaboration with the GTA creator Lil Pizza. This includes the following cars from the gallery above: 57, 73, 100, 140, 147, 162, 252, 265, 343 and 401.

5) Which GTA 5 Modded Outfits can be added?

  • Browse our GTA 5 Modded Outfits for sale in this image gallery. Alike our GTA 5 Modded Cars, you can simply request which ones you’d like, and we’ll take care of the rest! Simply ensure the amount you choose aligns with how many you’ve purchased.
  • Additionally, our custom ‘PIZZA Pack’ outfits option comes with: 9, 13, 22, 24, 27, 39, 41, 49, 61 and 63 from the gallery above.

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We prioritise the fast and smooth delivery of our Modded Cars & Outfits through the within 24 hour Express Delivery option offered on this Package!

Our 5000+ Verified Trustpilot reviews reflect the exceptionally regarded service that we offer. All payments are safely encrypted through our highly esteemed payment processor.

Across all of our packages we provide the best contents and value.

All of our packages are 100% Safe, Secure and BAN PROOF!

GTA 5 Modded Cars PS4

Are you looking to enhance your GTA 5 garage with the most exclusive and desirable Modded Cars? Look no further! At MitchCactus, we excel in delivering comprehensive solutions for your GTA 5 Modded Cars PS4. Do you want to have a garage filled with cars full of modifications and custom designs that surpass your wildest imagination? Then this package is perfect for you! Buy our GTA 5 Modded Cars PS4 package today and stand out in your lobbies!

GTA 5 Modded Outfits PS4

Do you want unique clothing combinations, invisible body parts, exclusive colours, custom accessories and more to level up your character’s appearance? Your search ends here! At MitchCactus, our GTA 5 Modded Outfits package offers a wide variety of exclusive fits. Many of these outfits are impossible to obtain in GTA 5 and will allow you to stand out from other players.

What Options of GTA 5 Modded Cars Do We Offer?

As you can see from our featured image gallery, we proudly present a wide-ranging collection of GTA 5 Modded Cars exclusively for PS4. Not only are we one of the few vendors of these packages, but our reputation gleams through the thousands of reviews across our Trustpilot page. With our GTA 5 Modded Accounts for PS4, we can seamlessly enhance your garage
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Are GTA 5 Modded Cars PS4 Safe?

When purchasing Modded Cars, it is esssential that you do so from a trustworthy and legitimate vendor. We guarantee that our processes are 100% Safe & Secure, with 0 cases of bans spanning a period of numerous years. Here at MitchCactus, your account is in safe hands, purchase with confidence.