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GTA 5 Account Boost for Xbox One!

Our GTA 5 Account Boost Xbox One is our comprehensive service for boosting your GTA 5 Cash, RP Level & Stats. Check out our various options of customizability for an existing account of yours!

1) How does it work?

  • Shortly after ordering, we log into an account of your choice through the login details that can be entered in checkout. If any further information is needed, we’ll let you know via email, as well as the progression and status of your order.
  • Please Note: We recommend that you periodically check your Spam/Junk folder for emails from us.

2) How long does the process take?

  • We provide the service based off of which delivery option you choose. For example, Express Delivery is within 24 hours. Although, for much larger orders this process can take longer, but choosing Express Delivery will ensure your order is prioritised within our queue.

3) What is required?

  • For this package in order for us to log in, we require your Xbox Email + Password. From here, we’ll be able to log into your account autonomously and add your items. Not to mention, as displayed through our 10,000+ Trustpilot reviews, we are trusted for our authenticity throughout this process.
  • For our GTA 5 Account Boost Xbox One, we require that you have $200,000 in GTA Online for us to initiate the process, or any items (such as Cars) that can be sold for a similar amount.

4) Is there a ban risk?

  • We guarantee that this package is 100% Safe, Secure & Ban Proof and to provide a further degree of reassurance we even include a Ban Warranty guarantee.

5) How is the Money and RP added?

  • We can provide the Money in the form of Cash, or in Cash + Deluxos, which can easily be sold for 2.8M each. Furthermore, for most Cash + Deluxo options, the Money will primarily be in the form of Cash for our GTA 5 Account Boost Xbox One.
  • The RP Boost levels are not applied on top of your current level, the equivalent in RP is added. For example, for an RP 120 boost, the equivalent in levelling from RP0-120 is added on top of your level, which may not be the equivalent of 120 Full Levels (As exponentially as your rank increases, more RP is required for each level).

Nevertheless, just looking for a separate account with Money, RP & Unlocks? Check out our Modded Account Packs!

If you have any further questions, or need assistance with an order, feel free to join our Discord Server.


We prioritise the fast and smooth delivery of our accounts through our within 24 hour Express Delivery option offered on this Package! Although, please keep in mind that for Larger Money/RP orders (500M+, RP100+), the delivery time can exceed this 24 hour threshold, but with Express it ensures your order is prioritised at the top of our queue.

Our 10,000+ Verified Trustpilot reviews reflect the exceptionally regarded service that we offer. All payments are safely encrypted through our highly esteemed payment processor.

Across all of our packages we provide the best contents and value.

All of our packages are 100% Safe, Secure and BAN PROOF!

GTA 5 Account Boost Xbox One

If you’re looking to boost your in-game progression, unlock thrilling features, and increase your Cash Balance in GTA 5, your search ends here! At MitchCactus, we specialize in providing various solutions to all of your GTA 5 Account Boosting needs for Xbox One. We design our packages to offer a seamless experience, eradicating the need for the endless grinding typically required to level up, improve skills, and accumulate wealth. With our Xbox One Account Boost, you can elevate your gameplay and finally have the account you’ve always wanted!

What Options of GTA 5 Account Boost Do We Offer?

Our GTA 5 Account Boost package for Xbox One provides an extensive range of customizability options to enhance your account. Explore the following exclusive content offerings:

  • Money Boosting: Say goodbye to grinding missions and heists such as the Cayo Perico endlessly. Choose from our various Cash Boost packages ranging from 25 Million to 1 BILLION, ensuring you never need to worry about money again. We offer two options: Cash + Deluxos, or 100% Cash, based on your preference.
  • Rank Boosts: To truly enjoy GTA 5, a high level is essential. Whether you aim to purchase and max out a bunch of your desired weapons or cars, an RP Boost is necessary. Our GTA 5 Account Boost Xbox One provides RP Boosts ranging from RP 50 to Rp 250 with the most competitive prices.
  • MAX Stats: Stand out from the average GTA player with ease by acquiring Max Stats. Enjoy improved character abilities, enhanced health, increased stamina, and more, giving you a competitive edge over other players. Choose our Max Stats option alongside your GTA 5 Account Boost for Xbox One today!

Is a GTA 5 Account Boost for Xbox One Safe?

When buying a GTA 5 Account Boost, we understand the importance of choosing a vendor that is trustworthy and legitimate. Furthermore, we can guarantee that our methods are 100% Safe and Secure, and we have a solid track record of 0 bans over a course of several years. Our team of professional boosters go to great lengths to ensure the utmost care and safety for your account. With MitchCactus, you can rest assured that your account is in safe hands. Purchase with confidence!

How to Level Up Fast in GTA 5 Online

To Level Up Quickly in GTA 5 Online, there are a few different strategies you can follow:

To accelerate your leveling progress in GTA 5 Online, you can employ various strategies, including:

  1. Completing Daily Objectives
  2. Partaking in Races
  3. Engaging in Missions and Jobs
  4. Joining Freemode & 2x RP Events
  5. VIP/CEO Work
  6. Playing Adversary Mode
  7. Lastly, purchasing a GTA 5 Account Boost Xbox One from MitchCactus!