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How To Get The Secret Mark Of Survivor Camo In COD MW3?4 min read

COD MW3 Secret Mark of Survivor Camo

How to unlock the Secret Mark of Survivor Camo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is something very exciting for a player, giving off a unique flair in the appearance but most importantly, a badge of honor amongst players. This guide will walk you through the steps to obtain this most exclusive camo.

Secret Mark of Survivor Camo

The Secret Mark of Survivor camo is one of the prestige camo in MW3, unlike any other weapon skin that players in MW3 will be able to activate after completing a series of challenging tasks. The Camo is way more than being cosmetic; it is symbolic of the time devoted and proficiency of a player within the COD MW3.

How To Unlock It?

In COD MW3, unlocking the Mark of the Survivor Camo requires completing the Season 4 Reloaded Unstable Rift Easter egg in Zombies mode. 

First, you’ll need all ammo mods, which include Brain Rot, Cryo Freeze, Dead Wire, and Napalm Burst. You need to be using the RGL-80 Launcher or Crossbow in your loadout for this one. 

First off in any match, find all four Obelisk Altars; these altars will require different ammo mods to activate, so kill as many zombies around as possible. This will open the Unstable Rift in Tier 3 locations. With it, you will receive every Zombies Perk, along with a Golden Armor and maxed Pack-A-Punched weapons, but the catch is that Tombstone is disabled. Endure five waves of Zombies, completing each Phase, which is signified by an HVT boss. Take out all of them, including Gyanxi, for the Elite Disciple HVT final boss to receive the Mark of the Survivor camo. 

Exiting with the red Portal closes out the battle and gives additional rewards.

Tip To Get COD MW3 Camos Like Mark of the Survivor Camo

1. Complete Campaign Mode

Start off with the Campaign Mode; play all the way through to the end on any difficulty level. While this is something really obvious, playing the campaign mode will be important in familiarizing you with how the game works and setting up yourself for the challenges that lie ahead.

2. Multiplayer Challenges

Participate in multiplayer matches where you have to meet particular challenges, which include: certain kills by various weapon types, killing streaks, and others through the other game modes. According to Eurogamer, you self-administer multiple camo challenges that may require one to get a certain number of kills without dying or headshots with particular weapons.

3. Survival Mode Requirements

In Survival mode, higher levels should be reached to unlock parts of the camo challenge. It serves as a testing ground for endurance, strategic skills, and the capability of fending off multiple enemies. According to speciality sites on Blizzard News, some camo requirements include mastering both multiplayer and survival modes.

4. Special Ops Missions

Faster completion of special operations missions is another step. While there are missions of varying difficulties, they have additional or unique objectives necessary for the unlocking of the Secret Mark of Survivor camo. Teamplay and strategy will help in beating these missions fast.

5. Weekly and Seasonal Challenges

Be active on the game’s weekly and seasonal challenges. More often, these are hinting at ways to complete tasks toward the Secret Mark of Survivor camo. With this approach, you will not let any chance of making progress slip by your nose.

6. Secret Mark of Survivor Camo Boosting Services

If the challenges are too time-consuming or just very hard for you, then there are a few reputable boosting services that can help you unlock the Secret Mark of Survivor camo. Websites like MitchCactus offer boosts for the Secret Mark Of Survivor Camo and make sure that you will be able to have the camo, without any grind needed. These services hire professionals who do all the required work on your character; thus, you’ll get a guarantee of its quick and effective unlocking process.

Remarks On Secret Mark of Survivor Camo

The secret mark of survivor camo has been the most spoken topic in the Call of Duty forum and social media these days. As such, some players shared their experiences and tips for attaining this type of camo. One of the Reddit users posted, “Getting this camo was the most epic thing I’ve done in MW3. It took so much effort, but it paid off”.


Getting Survivor Camo on any gun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the most time-consuming, exhausting camo-grinding task by any means. It requires so much dedication, strategy, and insight into the multitude of modes available within the game. Following the above-mentioned steps and being patient enough will enable you to get this highly regarded camo and show it off proudly in your gameplay.