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Exploring the New 3v3v3 Game Mode “Cutthroat” in MW33 min read

Exploring the New 3v3v3 Game Mode "Cutthroat" in MW3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) has introduced an exhilarating new game mode called Cutthroat, adding a fresh dynamic to the multiplayer experience. This 3v3v3 mode combines elements of traditional team play with high-stakes strategy, making it a unique addition to the game.

Overview of Cutthroat Mode

What is Cutthroat Mode?

Cutthroat mode in Modern Warfare 3 is a competitive multiplayer mode where three teams of three players each face off in a round-based battle. The objective is to eliminate the other teams or capture a central flag if multiple teams remain at the end of the round. The first team to win three rounds wins the match​.

Key Features

  1. Three Teams: Unlike traditional modes, Cutthroat pits three teams against each other, adding complexity and requiring new strategies.
  2. Single Life Per Round: Players have only one life per round, similar to Gunfight, but with custom loadouts instead of random ones.
  3. Flag Capture Mechanic: If no team is fully eliminated by the end of a round, capturing the flag at the center of the map determines the winner.
  4. No Respawns: Players who are downed can either be revived by teammates or finished off by enemies, making teamwork crucial​.

Modern Warfare 3 Cutthroat Gameplay


Cutthroat mode features several iconic maps that have been slightly modified for this new mode. 

Some of the maps available include:

  • Estate: A large map with multiple buildings and vantage points.
  • Favela: A tight, urban map with narrow alleys and rooftops.
  • Skidrow: A dense, urban environment offering numerous hiding spots and strategic points.

Game Mechanics

The gameplay in Cutthroat mode is fast-paced and tactical. Players need to be mindful of their surroundings, utilize cover effectively, and communicate with their teammates to outmaneuver the other teams. The map layouts encourage close-quarters combat, making quick reflexes and accurate shooting vital.

How To Win

Modern Warfare 3 Cutthroat Strategy

  1. Stick Together: Staying close to your teammates can significantly improve your chances of survival. It allows for quick revives and coordinated attacks.
  2. Effective Communication: Use voice chat or pings to keep your team informed about enemy movements and strategies. Good communication can prevent flanking and surprise attacks.
  3. Control the Center: While capturing the flag is a secondary objective, controlling the center of the map can provide a strategic advantage, allowing your team to respond quickly to threats.
  4. Map Knowledge: Familiarize yourself with the maps used in Cutthroat mode. Knowing the best vantage points, cover spots, and choke points can give you an edge over less experienced players.

Loadout Tips

MW3 Cutthroat Mode Tips

Choosing the right loadout is crucial for success in Cutthroat mode. 

Here are some recommendations:

  1. Assault Rifles: Versatile and effective at various ranges. Consider the M4A1 or the AK-47 with attachments that enhance accuracy and stability.
  2. SMGs: Ideal for close-quarters combat. The MP5 or Uzi with fast reload speeds and increased mobility can be game-changers.
  3. Tactical Equipment: Use flashbangs or smoke grenades to disorient enemies and gain strategic advantages.


Cutthroat mode in Modern Warfare 3 is an exhilarating 3v3v3 multiplayer mode where teams compete to be the last standing or capture a central flag. Featuring iconic maps like Estate, Favela, and Skidrow, it emphasizes strategic play and teamwork. Key tips include sticking close to teammates, effective communication, and controlling the center of the map. Ideal loadouts feature versatile assault rifles like the M4A1 and close-quarters SMGs like the MP5. This mode combines the tension of Gunfight with the strategy of traditional multiplayer.