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PERSONAL Modded Account Package (Series 12 - Most Recent Update)

Compatible on ALL DEVICES

Personal means that we will mod your personal account with the following:


- 900 MILLION Credits (900,000,000)

– 3x Each of NEW Update Series 12 Cars (New Audi RS7, Audi RS E-Tron GT & More!)

- 3x of Every Rare Car (Every car not available on autoshow = Very Exclusive Cars such as the Ford GT OPI Edition, Wheelspin F-Edition Cars, Reward Cars, Barn Finds Cars & more!)

- 3x of Desirable Cars such as the Koenigsegg Jesko, Bugatti Chiron, Mercedes AMG-One, Ferrari FXX-K etc

* 1 MILLION Skillpoints (1,000,000)

- Customizable Options of Level + Wheelspin Count

Unlike other sellers, across several of our packages we provide Ban Warranty, meaning that in the extremely unlikely event of your account being banned, we will provide a replacement account. Any purchases of this package that amount to $49.99 or more are provided Ban Warranty.

Shortly after purchasing, we will reach out to you and request you provide us your Login Credentials so we can log in and mod your account. We may need a 2-factor authentication code from one of the emails/phone numbers associated with your account in order to log in. We expect you will be able to try your best to comply with this so we can ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

After we mod your account, the contents on your account will remain the original contents of your account such as your cars, progression, designs/tunes will all remain the same, so we don’t overwrite any of your current items/progression. 

Any cars that are not provided on these accounts are not considered exclusive and can be easily purchased with the 900M credits we provide.

Any content with an * is currently unavailable.

If you are yet to be contacted by us 24hrs after purchasing, check your Spam/Junk Folder as occasionally our emails get automatically directed there.

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