New Monthly Update Car Service - All New Series Cars Added To Your Account Every Month!


As each new monthly update comes out (Series 11, 12, 13 etc) we will log on to an account of your choice and add all the new cars as they are released.

Typically each new monthly update comes with 7-8 new exclusive cars.

So for example, new cars that were added in Series 11 include:

- BMW M4 2021, BMW E92 M3 GTS, M-B 300 SLR & More!

If you had a subscription to this service at that time, we would have added these new cars to your account, and we will do so for every future update in alignment with your subscription.

This is a perfect service for those who have previously purchased a modded package from us, as in additional to all your Credits/Superwheelspins etc, you will receive all the new cars as they're added to the game!

Shortly after you order, we will reach out via email to request your log in details and proceed accordingly. Please check your Spam/Junk folders periodically for emails from us.

We will typically add the new update cars to your account once your Subscription for the month has renewed. For example, if you purchased your subscription 1 week into the Series 9 update, we will add all the new Series 10 cars onto your account shortly after you purchase, and we will add the Series 11 cars once your subscription renews the following month.

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